One Vote Creates Two Big Clackamas County Impacts

BallotIf you think your one, lonely little vote doesn’t count, listen up. You’re dead wrong.

Recounting votes in Oregon City’s county clerk’s office has brought two local surprises. Just one vote made the difference in both cases.

Gladstone’s long-time Mayor Wade Byers was hoping a six-vote loss in his re-election bid could be overturned by an automatic recount. If the margin was five votes or less, Byers would still have a chance. Instead, the final count had him losing by six votes. He’s out. It is hard to find anyone in Oregon who has been a mayor longer than Byers.

One vote also made the difference in whether Happy Valley residents will pay for more police protection. After the first count the vote was tied. With the re-count, the levy proposed by the city had failed by one vote. It’s back to the drawing boards for the city council.

Next time someone tells you they didn’t vote because their vote doesn’t count, they might be interested in these little factoids.