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Organizational Structure & Contacts


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Chair: Peter Nordbye,
First Vice Chair: Jan Lee,
Second Vice Chair: Amy Merrill,
Secretary: Scott Hays,
Treasurer: Eric Carlson,

House District Leaders

(Note: If you’re not sure of your Oregon State House District, aka 'HD,' you can find from this legislator lookup page on OregonLive)

What Is a Precinct
Committee Person?

Precinct Committee Persons (PCPs) are your neighborhood party representatives. They act as the local eyes, ears, and voice of the precinct, and in that sense, they are the most important persons in the county party. They represent the interests of your precinct as members of the county’s Central Committee, and they represent the party to the voters of your precinct.
If you are a registered Democrat and would like to serve as a PCP, please fill out the Volunteer form or download a PDF version of the PCP application form.
HD18 Leaders


HD26 Leaders

Cornelia Gibson

Mary Elizabeth Harper 

HD35 Leader

Cheri Partain

HD37 Leaders

Ken Chappuis

Mary Shortall

HD38 Leaders

Gary Thompson

Kathy Gordon

HD39 Leaders

Naella Tesch


HD40 Leaders

Cris Waller

Mike Weber


Cheryl Fisher

Jason Rambo

HD48 Leaders

Helen Nolen

John Weinstein


Sandy Fletcher

Debbie Pedersen

HD52 Leaders

Valerie Wicklund

Dennis Ghelfi

Standing Committee and Caucus Chairs

Events and Facilities
John DeHaas
Finance & Fundraising
Jan Lee
Mike Kohlhoff
Sally Hardwicke
Lisa Nichols
Peter Toll
Neighborhood Leader
Bill Street
Platform & Resolutions
Mike Kohlhoff
Kate Greenfield

Jan Lee
Kathleen Jeskey

Young Democrats
Drew Mackenzie

Daniel Cortez
Technical Operations

Dan Fischler


          Janette Romero Christenson 



Amy Merrill