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Help Democrats get elected.  Increase voter turnout. 


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What is a Neighborhood Leader?

       We know that direct contact from neighbors is the most effective way to turn out our progressive Democratic voters. It’s also the best way to communicate our values and cut through the media echo machine. Neighborhood Leaders (NLs) support the core of our mission.

       NLs help campaigns that embody Democratic values win elections by contacting 35 or so of their Democratic neighbors each election cycle. By providing the 'slate' of candidates to Democrats, they nourish relationships & support the habit of voting.

       Won’t you join us and help promote our Democratic values and candidates in YOUR neighborhood?

Learn more about the Neighborhood Leader Program here, or sign up

PCP Application

What is a PCP?

A PCP is a Precinct Committee Person, a neighborhood representative and the core of the Democratic Party.  PCPs are neighborhood representatives who promote Democratic Party causes and values, help elect Democratic candidates and vote on policy issues and official Party business.  Only PCPs may vote at Central Committee meetings.

To apply to be a PCP:

Fill out and submit the digital form  • or •  Get the PDF version of the PCP application form

The PDF can be filled in using Adobe Reader or other PDF Editing software. Print and Mail or Email the completed application to:


Other Volunteer Activities:

    - Communications (writing articles for the website and social media outlets; writing up interviews with local candidates; using Blogger, Facebook, Google Calendar and Twitter to publish)
    - Technology (video conferencing, G suite, complex database support, providing tech support to users)
    - Social outreach (neighborhood outreach, booth staffing, etc.)
    - Administration (headquarters staffing, event planning, etc.)
    - Electioneering (canvassing, phone banking, signs, etc.)
    - & Headquarters Staffing

come join us!

We need volunteers to help staff our party headquarters in Oregon City. And it’s fun! Please contact our Volunteer Coordinator Amy Merrill at vol.coordinator@clackamasdems.org


Join us at Central Committee Meetings

These meetings are held 10x/year Monthly on the 3rd Thursday of the Month @ 7pm PT

These are the business meetings for the Democratic Party of Clackamas County. The DPCC Chair manages the agenda. Motions from the Executive Committee are presented for feedback and votes. Standing Committee & Caucuses report out. Precinct Committee Persons are appointed. And guest speakers ranging from local and state leaders to engaged members of the community speak and answer questions on relevant topics. Previous meeting minutes are approved. New business is occasionally proposed by the body. Anyone may participate in discussions by attending the meeting and signing in. PCPs who have signed-in and are wearing their assigned lanyard may vote when floor votes are called.  
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