Report and Photo Gallery: Clackamas Dems February Meeting

Bill Street, reporting on NLP campaign successes for Measure 101

The Central Committee of the Democratic Party Clackamas County met at the Institute of Electrical Engineers Hall in Gladstone for likely the last time, as a new location is being sought for the ever-growing party. The IOEE has hosted our meetings for over a decade, and we thank them greatly for supporting us for all those years.

Chair Peter Nordbye started the meeting with a sorrowful and moving statement on the recent shooting at a Florida high school.

Former Speaker of the Oregon House Dave Hunt gave a detailed update on construction and plans at various campuses of Clackamas Community College, following the successful recent bond campaign and matching funds from the state of Oregon.

Neighborhood Leader Program committee chair Bill Street took the microphone to celebrate our success with the Measure 101 campaign and showed charts highlighting the increased turnout achieved by the NLP and especially by face-to-face contact.

The meeting closed with a long line of new candidates for 2018 elections in the county and the state. As campaign committee chair Peter Toll pointed out, for the first time in many years, Democrats are fielding candidates in every major race in Clackamas County: all ten Oregon House races, four Oregon House Senate seats and two for county commission. County clerk is also being challenged. A record number of women are running for offices in the county.