Standing and District Committees February Meeting Round-Up

We’re pleased to share the highlights below from Standing and District Committee meetings held in February.

Campaign Committee chaired by Peter Toll

The committee continues to strategize in preparation for the May 15 primary. Peter and HD leaders are working with candidates as needed. Click here for a compelling analysis of the races that will impact all of us in Clackamas County.

Communications Committee, February 28; chaired by Simon Springall

Committee members discussed and came up with a plan to keep the event calendars on our website, Facebook page, and on the website updated. We are in search of a volunteer with some HTML experience who can help with design and layout of our newsletter. Please contact with any leads.

We had what turns out to be a prescient discussion about a fascinating Wired article about how the Trump campaign used Facebook ads to their advantage in 2016.

We discussed communications needs related to the May Primary Election and related to that, an improved database system that would allow us to improve communication internal to the party, as well as among our standing and house district committees, especially with respect to our ability to find and make good use of volunteers and keep people engaged.

Social Justice Committee, February 14; co-chaired by Lisa Ortiz and Mike Kohlhoff; meeting highlights submitted by Mary Post

The new Social Justice pamphlets were unfurled and admired; Lisa Ortiz will provide a supply to the office. Heather Marshall gave a presentation on Restorative Justice and received feedback. She is also to present to attendees at the March Central Committee meeting, where our committee is providing snacks.

We discussed the state Democratic platform convention; Heather is a delegate. We also discussed a recent racial injustice at a Lake Oswego school. Lisa will draft a statement of support for the victim.

House District 39 Meeting, February 17; co-chaired by NaellaTesch and Katie Wynne

We welcomed Sonny Mehta from Renew Oregon who spoke to us about the merits of the Clean Energy Jobs bill (HB4001, and SB1507), which was being considered by the House Rules Committee. As Bill Kennemer is a member of this committee, we agreed we should all contact Kennemer and ask him to pass HB4001 out of committee. Mehta also suggested we contact our utility company and let them know we support the bills.

Two additional speakers were Charles Gallia, a resident of Carver who is challenging incumbent Republican Alan Olsen for Oregon Senate District 20, and Elizabeth Graser-Lindsey, who lives in Beavercreek and is the Democratic candidate for House District 39. Both candidates spoke about their concerns and priorities for the district.

Naella and Katie spoke about some of the Republican candidates that are popping up to run for HD39 Representative, including John Lee of Boring. He’s the former Chair and Vice-Chair of the Clackamas County Republicans, current Treasurer of the GOP State Party, and is expected to raise a lot of money.

This will be a tough campaign, which is why our Neighborhood Leader Program and the Pledge Card canvass are so important. These are proven ways to elect the candidates we support and ensure our progressive values are represented.

House District 40 Meeting, February 18; co-chaired by Faith Leith and Bill Street

Co-chair Bill Street led a discussion of our Get Out the Vote efforts on behalf of Measure 101: What worked and what didn’t. Face-to-face contact is always best, and surely helped us pass the health-care measure. We also discussed how we can improve our GOTV efforts for the Primary in May. Several folks want a training session for using the canvass phone application instead of paper walk sheets. This is now on the calendar for our March and/or April meetings.

We also examined our non-affiliated voter canvass last summer, the upcoming Platform Convention in March (several members are attending for the first time), and whether to hold meetings monthly or every other month in the future. No final decision was made at this meeting.

At our next meeting on March 25, our main topic is “Preparing for the Primary.”

House District 52 Meeting; co-chaired by Jan Lee and Dennis Ghelfi

At the Oregon Trail Democrats February 27 meeting we heard from candidates Anna Williams, who is running as a Democrat for the HD52 position, and from Sherry Healy, who is a candidate for Clackamas County Clerk. Both talked about their qualifications for running for office. (Their challengers spoke at our January meeting.) The Sandy Chamber of Commerce will hold a candidates’ forum at the Clackamas Community Bank on April 9th at 5:30 pm, featuring all candidates of both parties for the Senate and House seats for HD52 and the County Commissioners and County Clerks.

We presented preliminary plans for the Oregon Trail Democrats picnic,scheduled for September 9th at the city park, and discussed the National Popular Vote considered by the Oregon Legislature during the recent short session.

The Mountain Progressive held their monthly breakfast meeting on February 3. Pamela White, who is also running for County Clerk, addressed the group. Our next breakfast gathering is scheduled for Saturday, April 7th, at 9 am, at Still Creek Inn, 73365 US-26 in Rhododendron. The guest speaker will be Chrissy Reitz, who is running for State Senator from Senate District 26.