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One Vote Creates Two Big Clackamas County Impacts

BallotIf you think your one, lonely little vote doesn’t count, listen up. You’re dead wrong.

Recounting votes in Oregon City’s county clerk’s office has brought two local surprises. Just one vote made the difference in both cases.

Gladstone’s long-time Mayor Wade Byers was hoping a six-vote loss in his re-election bid could be overturned by an automatic recount. If the margin was five votes or less, Byers would still have a chance. Instead, the final count had him losing by six votes. He’s out. It is hard to find anyone in Oregon who has been a mayor longer than Byers.

One vote also made the difference in whether Happy Valley residents will pay for more police protection. After the first count the vote was tied. With the re-count, the levy proposed by the city had failed by one vote. It’s back to the drawing boards for the city council.

Next time someone tells you they didn’t vote because their vote doesn’t count, they might be interested in these little factoids.

Was Your Ballot Counted? There’s Still Time to Fix It!

BallotWas your vote actually counted? Ballots can be challenged if there was no signature on the back of the return envelope or if the signature does not match the one on record at Clackamas County Elections. Check if your ballot is on the list of challenged ballots. (“No records found” means you’re not on the challenged list.)

If your name is on the list, you should have got a letter from the County Elections office. You can contact the county elections office on (503) 655-8510 or go pay a visit to them at 1710 S Red Soils Ct in Oregon City.

This needs to be done before Tuesday at 5 pm, when all the votes are finalized.

From the Left Bank
County Election Results: The Candidates

By Peter Toll

Ballot DropDespite our efforts to upset an applecart here and there in last week’s elections, Clackamas County will send five Democratic members to Oregon’s House of Representatives in January and five Republicans. We also have five Senators, of which three are Democrats and two are Republican. In other words, they tend to accurately represent the voter registration of 229,859 in the county, which is pretty even (R-D) with a 2,000 or so bump for the Democrats. No changes of power here.

We didn’t lose any of our incumbents. Representatives retained on the Democratic side are Ann Lininger, Lake Oswego; Brent Barton, Oregon City; Jeff Reardon, East Portland; Shemia Fagan, Happy Valley; and newcomer Kathleen Taylor, of southerly SE Portland, retained for Democrats the seat formerly held by Carolyn Tomei, Milwaukie. Barton and Fagan, as freshmen, faced the strongest challenges with Barton beating Steve Newgard again, 53.8 percent to 45.7 percent. Fagan beat Jodi Bailey, also of Happy Valley, 52.3 to 47.2 percent. (All discrepancies due to write-ins, lesser candidates.) Continue reading

Three Biggest Counties Near Bottom in Voter Turnout

oregon-county-mapClackamas County was in the bottom quartile of voter turnout last week, with Washington and Multnomah Counties even worse, according to a state report. Clackamas was 26th worst of Oregon’s 36 counties with a 69 percent turnout, Multnomah had 67 percent, and Washington County was 66.6 percent. State-wide average was 69.53 percent. Not good. Continue reading

Be Sure to Vote! (Because They Will)

Ballot DropNovember 4th is approaching fast. You should have your ballot by now. If not, call the County Clerk’s Office at (503) 655-8698 to get a replacement. If you did not receive a Voters’ Pamphlet, you can view it online here, or you might be able to find it at your local county library.

If you are in doubt about who or what to vote for, click here for our voting recommendations. Please take care to vote all the way down the ballot. You can be sure the opposition will.

You can mail your ballot (by Friday, Oct. 31st) or take it to one of these drop box locations (no later than 8 pm on Nov. 4th).