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From the Left Bank
Can Three Precincts Turn Tide For Bates?

By Peter Toll

steve bates.boring.smallSteve Bates can be considered a stubborn man. Having lost his race to unseat Clackamas County Commissioner Jim Bernard in the May primary, Bates is asking for a recount of three precincts (of the county’s 181) to see if results would prompt an automatic county-wide recount.

Where Bates thinks he can find the votes to prompt the bigger recount opens interesting doors. They’re both urban and rural. He won two of them and lost in another. Overall county turnout was 30.95 percent with the county commission race drawing less, as the lower voters moved down their ballot, the more they lost interest.

Let’s look at the precincts Bates thinks may hold the secret to a recount and see how they did: Continue reading

Local Democrats Sweep Clackamas Primary Races

bernard-savasPrimary election results show a wonderful sweep for Clackamas County Democrats. Incumbent County Commissioners Democrat Jim Bernard and moderate Republican Paul Savas held off well-funded attacks from Steve Bates and Karen Bowerman, respectively. Voters are now accustomed to the offensive and inaccurate mailers and billboards put out by right wing PACs and their timber baron and sex therapist funders.

What remains to be seen is if County Chair John Ludlow, who had a direct hand in recruiting and publicly endorsing the losers, will find a way to work with a variety of perspectives, or will he continue to try to bully all the commissioners into his way of seeing things?

In the County Clerk’s race, Naval Reserve Commander and West Linn Democrat David Robinson will now face incumbent mistake maker Republican Sherry Hall in November. Democrat Shari Anderson was easily re-elected to a fifth term as County Treasurer. Continue reading

Surgeon and GOP Candidate Wehby Endorses Torture

D. Monica "Pro Torture" Wehby

On May 16th, during a debate with Jason Conger in the Republican primary race against Senator Jeff Merkley, Dr. Monica Wehby declared that she was a Yes for using waterboarding torture. A pediatric surgeon in favor of torture — this just boggles the mind. Medieval images come rushing in …. especially since the UN has outlawed the use of torture around the world. Perhaps she sees Oregon as somehow exempt?

Thank God for Jeff Merkley.

From the Left Bank
Wehby Learns About Opposition Research

By Peter Toll

Monica WehbyRunning for office has its hazards. One of them is being subjected to a thorough vetting by private investigators.

That was the case for John Ludlow in his race for County Commission Chair in 2012. A Vancouver PD report showed Ludlow trying to talk himself out of a speeding ticket by flashing fancy City of Wilsonville credentials. Didn’t work. Ludlow, recall, was funded heavily by Andrew Miller in that county-wide race.

Now we find Monica Wehby, Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, also turning up in a police report, this one from Portland PD about 13 months ago. Wehby was ending her romantic relationship with Miller. She went to his home and knocked on the front door. When no one answered, she went to the rear of the house and entered by the back door. Miller was home at the time and ignoring her. When she came in, he quietly skedaddled out another door and called the cops. Continue reading

When Is a Party Not a Party? Ask Sherry

hall on phoneIf you’re reading this, you are most likely a member of the Democratic Party, not the Democrat Party, a negative term created by the right wing to bastardize the name of the party.

Clackamas County Clerk Sherry Hall, widely known for her blatant incompetence and sometimes less obvious partisanship, was brought up short by a recent comment on this site. Eric Carlson, a retired Lake Oswego attorney and long-time member of the Democratic Party, took her to task for using “Democrat” Party instead of “Democratic” Party in May 20 election documents.

Raymond Rendleman, of the Clackamas Review, called the Elections Division in the Secretary of State’s office to track it all down. As you can see from the resulting report, Sherry was somehow within her rights to rename our party for this election. But this ambiguous gray area needs to be clarified quickly lest it drift into the fall election. At that time, hopefully with Sherry having lost on May 20, we can’t imagine what mischief she could be up to in our election process.

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