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The Mueller Report — Take 1

There are two important concepts that need to be understood about the special counsel’s report. One is obvious, the other less so.

One is the question of whether or not the 2016 election was free and fair?

The answer is clearly NO.

“As set forth in detail in this report, the Special Counsel’s investigation established that Russia interfered in the 2016 presidential election principally through two operations. First a Russian entity carried out a social media campaign that favored presidential candidate Donald J Trump and disparaged presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Second, a Russian intelligence service conducted computer-intrusion operations against entities, employees, and volunteers working on the Clinton Campaign and then released stolen documents.”

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How to Buy Clackamas County Commissioners

tootlow-90000The going price is 90-thousand dollars.

The financial backers of Trump-Lite Clackamas County Commissioners John Ludlow and Tootie Smith have gone all-in.

Wealthy Portland real estate developers have increased the ante to $90,000. The recipients are Commission Chairman Ludlow and Commissioner Smith. The two have been the driving force behind plans to develop pristine farm and recreational land near Wilsonville. Continue reading

Clackamas Dems Reaffirm Measure 97 Support

yes on 97 logoAt our September Central Committee meeting, Clackamas Democrats unanimously affirmed its endorsement of Measure 97. If passed, this measure would increase taxes on corporations whose Oregon sales exceed $25 million. The increased revenue will benefit education, healthcare, and senior services.

We also voted to endorse the following statewide measures:

Measure 94 – Amends Constitution: Eliminates mandatory retirement age for state judges
Measure 95 – Amends Constitution: Allows investment in equities by public universities to reduce financial risk
Measure 97 – Increases corporate minimum tax when sales exceed $25 million; funds education, healthcare, senior services.
Measure 100 – Prohibits purchase or sales of parts or products from certain wildlife species; exceptions; civil penalties.

And these local measures are also supported by Clackamas Democrats (not all measures will be on your ballot since most are for specific districts or cities):

Measure 26-178 – Metro, Renews Local Option Levy; Protects Natural Areas, Water Quality, Fish
Measure 3-487 – North Clackamas SD #12, Bonds to Improve Schools
Measure 3-497 – City of Oregon City, Oregon City Community Safety Facility General Obligation Bond Authorization
Measure 3-498 – City of Oregon City, Changes Status of Wesley Lynn Park; Allows Easement
Measure 3-502 – Renewal of Current County Sheriff Public Safety Local Option Levy
Measure 3-509 – Clackamas County, Temporary 6-Cent Per Gallon Vehicle Fuel Tax
Measure 3-510 – Clackamas County, Ordinance Imposing 3% County Tax on Retail Sales of Marijuana

We recommend rejection of one local measure:

NO on 3-514 – Oregon City charter to limit urban renewal

Please remember to vote all the way down the ballot, including the measures we have not endorsed here. Don’t leave them blank, or the opposition will be making your decisions for you.

Clackamas Democrats’ Election Goals for State Legislature

Clackamas County will seat four new legislators in January with the replacement of Representatives Brent Barton, Shemia Fagan, John Davis, and Kathleen Taylor. Taylor is advancing to the Senate, and the other three are retiring.


Kathleen Taylor

Clackamas has 10 members in the lower house, five Democrats and five Republicans, and five senators. But Democrat Taylor marks the only change in the Senate as Democrat Diane Rosenbaum is retiring. Taylor beat John Sweeney in the primary and there is no Republican candidate in Senate District 21, which includes Milwaukie and part of Southeast Portland.

Replacing Taylor, who did one term in the House, will most likely be Milwaukie City Councilor Karin Power, a Democrat. She was unopposed in the House District 41 primary and faces Republican Tim McMenamin (trying for a third straight election) in November. This seat has long been held by Democrats, and Power should retain it for the progressives. She amassed 10,338 primary votes to McMenamin’s 2,747. He is a pharmacist. She is an attorney. Continue reading

County Commission Races Offer Serious Choices

By Peter Toll


Jim Bernard

ken portrait.small

Ken Humberston


Martha Schrader

Hardworking Clackamas County Democrats can share the credit for success in key local non-partisan primary election races as they gear up for the fall. Here’s a brief look at the results and some key campaign issues. Continue reading

May Message from the Chair

By Rosie Stephens, Chair of Clackamas County Democrats

rosie portraitEvery four years the political parties describe the impending presidential election as a historic event — and every once in a while it’s true, like now.

The Oregon Primary election is over, and I am pleased with the results in our county. Democrats in our county outvoted the Republicans. Neighborhood Leader Program results showed that face-to-face contact resulted in higher voter turnout. We set Clackamas County Commission races as a top priority and . . . Martha Schrader won her race; Jim Bernard got more votes and a higher percentage than his three opponents so he will run against John Ludlow in November; and Ken Humberston supporters kept Tootie from winning to face off in November. So the answer to the question in the April 24th edition of the Oregonian, “Will Democrats turn the tide in Clackamas County?” YES! Continue reading