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Voter Turnout Alert!

Ballot DropAs of Sunday, 40.5 percent of Clackamas County Democrats haven’t voted yet. Needless to say, we can’t create the future for Clackamas County that we want — good schools, affordable housing, quality parks, clean air and water — without electing candidates who share our vision. Now is the time to make one more phone call and knock on one more door to get our brother and sister Democrats to drop off their ballots. (It’s too late to mail them.)

If you live in any of the following locations where Democrats are voting at below the County average, please talk to your Democratic neighbors.

Democratic Turn-Out as of Sunday
Happy Valley: 49.1%
Oregon City: 47.6%
Milwaukie: 46.8%
Gladstone: 45.1%
Sandy: 43.8%

Ballot drop locations can be found at here.

An Important Letter from Four Clackamas County Mayors


l-r: Mayors Axelrod (West Linn), Gamba (Milwaukie), Holladay (Oregon City), and Knapp (Wilsonville)

Voters of Clackamas County:

The last four years have been hard on Clackamas County. Working relationships with other area governments have suffered. Positive forward progress has largely stopped. Lawsuits, acrimony and conflict have flourished. County staff morale appears at an all time low. A citizen itemized $3.4 million of public money has been unnecessarily wasted by Clackamas County actions. Continue reading

Republican HD26 Candidate Does Not Live in HD26!

By Simon Springall and Peter Toll

Ray ListerThe Right Candidate for HD 26

Ray Lister
The Right Candidate for HD 26

Wilsonville and Oregon’s House District 26 narrowly avoided having disgraced former Rep Matt Wingard as the Republican candidate, only to end up with Republican candidate Richard Vial who does not actually live in the House District where he claims to live, according to a complaint Oregon House Democrats have filed with the secretary of state.

State law says he must live there a year, however his former home is rented out, and he has moved to a new home in House District 24.

Vial’s election slogan is “principled leadership.” We are wondering what kinds of principles he is hoping to lead with.

Elections officials in Salem are saying the November ballot has already been certified. That means no action will be taken until after the election if Vial were somehow to win the election for this open seat in Clackamas and Washington counties.

Democrat Ray Lister is the strongest and most principled candidate for this open seat. Lend him your support at www.raylister.com.

Elections Protection Volunteers Needed for General Election

Ballot DropTo all the great volunteers that helped with observation for the Primary and for others that have done this in the past, thank you! Clackamas County has had elections issues, and Clackamas County Democrats have been effective at making sure that election workers know that they are being observed and follow the rules accordingly.

If you have not done this before or want to be a part of the Observation Team again, please email Craig Stephens. Provide your contact information and limitations as to time of day or days in the week prior to, including and just after Tuesday November 8.

There will be on-line training and an in-person training session at the Clackamas County Democrats Office with details conveyed to you as the time gets nearer.

There will be an opportunity to see the machine verification before November 1 for anyone who would like to be present for that. With the primary election, the Clackamas County Elections Office managed to lose some ballots, so there is never a dull moment. Many tasks are observed, each of which has some complexity, in an effort to make sure every vote is properly counted.

There are a number of rules that must be followed, so please allow time for training or re-training as the case may be.