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How Clackamas County Voted Compared to the State

where the fight isClackamas County voters fell short in primary election turnout compared to state-wide voting, but there were some notable exceptions. State-wide turnout was 51.7 percent; in Clackamas the overall response was a shade under 50 percent.

While Bernie Sanders took the state-wide presidential race by 57.9 percent to 42.4 percent in winning every county but one (Gilliam voted 101-100 for Hillary Clinton), his edge in Clackamas was narrower — 50.1 percent to 45.4 percent. Lane County’s 60.4 percent for Bernie topped the state; massive Multnomah gave him 58.8 percent.

Democrats dramatically outperformed Republicans across Oregon with a 66.7 percent turnout compared to 57.9 percent Republican. Independent Partyers voted at a 36.3 percent clip and non-affiliated voters hit 19.9 percent; that makes sense because both groups were shut out of party primaries. Continue reading

Big Challenges in County Races

By Peter Toll



Leadership is on the line for Clackamas County as incumbent County Chair John Ludlow is under serious attack on three fronts, while two other county commissioners face their own election challenges.

Lackluster Ludlow, known more for bullying than any serious accomplishments in his more than three years in office, faces challenges by two mid-term colleagues on the commission. Jim Bernard and Paul Savas retain their seats if they lose this or the November election.

Also introducing himself into the anti-Ludlow candidates is the only non-commissioner, Oregon City Mayor Dan Holladay. He thinks all three of his opponents act like children and he’d be the adult who could step in and bring order out of the Ludlow-led chaos.

While this is officially a non-partisan race, Ludlow is a staunch Republican who was put into office in 2012 by the tea partiers under an anti-Metro, anti-Portland, anti-mass transit, and anti-tax banner. Ludlow has reflected their interest. He has alienated Metro to the point where Clackamas County is off the radar for Metro grants, usually helpful assistance on regional issues and cooperation. The county is at a low point in regional respect. Continue reading

A Look at the 2016 Legislative Races

By Peter Toll

Clackamas County will lose three veteran Democratic state legislators and their would-be successors are all on the May 17 primary ballot. That’s 30 percent of our delegation and more than half of our Democratic state representatives. Replacing them leads our election report this week. (Disclaimer: Clackamas Democrats take no official position when Democrats face each other in the primary. Too, the source of most information in this report is the official Voters Pamphlet.) Our county has 10 House seats; half are held by Democrats and half by Republicans. Continue reading

From the Chair

Rosie Stephens

Rosie Stephens

The Secret to Saner Elections? Stronger State Parties.

That was the headline in a recent L.A. times Op-Ed. by the chair of the California Republican Party! I couldn’t agree more. The writer — a Brookings Institution senior fellow — made another point worth noting: rumors of state parties’ death are greatly exaggerated. That is certainly true in Oregon because strong state and county parties are what kept Oregon blue in 2014. And compared to the GOP, who I often refer to as the “Grumpy Old Party,” we need you to stay connected to us and help us win in the 2016 election. Continue reading