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Trump’s Sneak Attack on Affordable Care

They failed to replace it or outright kill it, so now the Trump administration is trying to undermine the Affordable Care Act with some pretty underhanded tricks. Some of them make it harder to enroll this year:

  • They cut the enrollment period to less than half what it was before, just 45 days, from Nov. 1st to Dec. 15th.
  • They plan to shut down the enrollment servers on Sundays during the enrollment period for “routine maintenance.” By the way, most working folks and college students enroll on weekends, and especially on Sunday, when they have more spare time.
  • They will also shut down the federal exchange — healthcare.gov — overnight on the first day of open enrollment, Nov. 1st. More than three dozen states use that exchange for their marketplaces.
  • They cut the advertising budget by 90 percent. It’s unlikely that you’ll see an enrollment ad this year.
  • They also slashed the budget to agencies that help people enroll.

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Rep. Parrish Would Put Trump GOP Standards on Oregon Health Care

How does Clackamas County feel about repealing Oregon’s version of the Affordable Care Act?

Unlike the federal Republican approach languishing in the Senate, West Linn Republican Rep. Julie Parrish wants Oregon voters to undo the recent bipartisan bill passed by the Oregon Legislature.

She’s gathering signatures across the state now for a ballot measure to overturn HB 2391, which taxes hospitals to help pay for services for those who can’t, approximately one in five Oregonians. Continue reading

Republicans Will Cut the Services While We Pay the Bills — and More

By Peter Toll

National headlines often state humongous numbers while those of us out here in the hinterlands feel less and less in control as Republicans try to gut funding for vital social problems and hand us the bill while passing on grandiose tax savings to the ultra-rich.

So how does President Trump’s proposed Waldencare legislation and tax plan impact us financially? Trump wants to gut your health care and drop all deductions for state, local and property taxes. Continue reading

Health Care ‘Open Enrollment’ Info Provided Here

Concept Of Us National Healthcare System - State Of Oregon“Open enrollment” for health care began Saturday and continues through Dec. 15. Many Clackamas County folks call this the month of confusion because of all the mixed information floating about. Example: If you live in Clackamas County you have to enroll for Medicare Plan B (presuming you’re over 65 and already have Plan A) at county offices. Wrong. Social Security now handles that, and you can do it over the web or on the phone; they’ll mail you the easy paperwork. Continue reading

First You Say You Do and Then You Don’t

woman hiding behind question mark“Then you say you will, and then you won’t. You’re undecided now. So what are you gonna do?” If you recognize those words, you’re certifiably old; they come from a dandy old Ella Fitzgerald tune, “Undecided.”

However, today they refer to Monica Wehby’s problem with where she stands on the Affordable Care Act, known as Obamacare. Again, a national website, Daily Kos, brings Wehby’s foibles to our attention. Fact: Wehby’s wishy-washy positioning in her race against Oregon Democratic Senator Jeff Merkley. (You’ll not see this in The Oregonian, which proudly endorsed her in the primary.)

Unfortunately for pediatric neurosurgeon Wehby, Obamacare is supposed to be her forte, her reason for running, her area of expertise. Not quite. Maybe she should try singing instead.

Cover Oregon: The ACA for Oregon

cover oregon logoWhile many on the Democratic side of the aisle would prefer a single payer medical system for the country like Medicare, the Affordable Care Act going into action today as Cover Oregon in our state is the first step in that direction.

Oregon’s implementation of Obamacare, as it is known, provides a guaranteed level of health insurance including maternity. birth control, and mental health services while increasing the amount of coverage people get and reducing the profit margin of the insurance companies.

Many other services previously only available on expensive employer-funded plans are now available to all and there can no longer be a restriction of coverage due to pre-existing conditions. Continue reading