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Clackamas Dems Reaffirm Measure 97 Support

yes on 97 logoAt our September Central Committee meeting, Clackamas Democrats unanimously affirmed its endorsement of Measure 97. If passed, this measure would increase taxes on corporations whose Oregon sales exceed $25 million. The increased revenue will benefit education, healthcare, and senior services.

We also voted to endorse the following statewide measures:

Measure 94 – Amends Constitution: Eliminates mandatory retirement age for state judges
Measure 95 – Amends Constitution: Allows investment in equities by public universities to reduce financial risk
Measure 97 – Increases corporate minimum tax when sales exceed $25 million; funds education, healthcare, senior services.
Measure 100 – Prohibits purchase or sales of parts or products from certain wildlife species; exceptions; civil penalties.

And these local measures are also supported by Clackamas Democrats (not all measures will be on your ballot since most are for specific districts or cities):

Measure 26-178 – Metro, Renews Local Option Levy; Protects Natural Areas, Water Quality, Fish
Measure 3-487 – North Clackamas SD #12, Bonds to Improve Schools
Measure 3-497 – City of Oregon City, Oregon City Community Safety Facility General Obligation Bond Authorization
Measure 3-498 – City of Oregon City, Changes Status of Wesley Lynn Park; Allows Easement
Measure 3-502 – Renewal of Current County Sheriff Public Safety Local Option Levy
Measure 3-509 – Clackamas County, Temporary 6-Cent Per Gallon Vehicle Fuel Tax
Measure 3-510 – Clackamas County, Ordinance Imposing 3% County Tax on Retail Sales of Marijuana

We recommend rejection of one local measure:

NO on 3-514 – Oregon City charter to limit urban renewal

Please remember to vote all the way down the ballot, including the measures we have not endorsed here. Don’t leave them blank, or the opposition will be making your decisions for you.

Vote Yes on Measure 92 – GMO Labeling

By Simon Springall 

Oregon Right To KnowMeasure 92 on the November election is about GMO ingredient labeling.   This is also known as GE, or Genetically Engineered ingredients.  Currently around 75% of processed foods in US stores include some GE ingredients.

Clackamas County Democrats have recommended a YES vote for Measure 92.

There are several important measures on the ballot, but you have almost certainly heard about this one since more than $5.5 million has already been spent on advertisements and mailers to scare folks into voting no.   Of course, the information in these advertisements and mailers that we’ve all seen is misleading and incorrect.

GMO labeling won’t increase the cost of foods.  Packaging already changes on average every 12-15 months, so a new line on the label is not significant. Such information is already included if the product is exported to one of the 64 countries that require GMO labeling – including China, Russia, Brazil, Australia and Europe – significant foreign markets.  The Consumers Union has found labeling would cost less than 3/4 of a penny a day.

In addition, with this measure, Oregon is not even blazing a new trail; Vermont, Connecticut and Maine have already passed GMO labeling laws, though they have not yet come into effect. Colorado also has a similar measure to vote on in November.  

Oregon Right To Know is the Yes on 92 campaign.  Much more information is available from their website.

But at the end of the day, labeling is about choice and the right of consumers to know what they are eating.  We routinely check labels for sodium and sugar content, but we should also have the ability to choose between foods with or without genetically engineered ingredients.  The measure is carefully written and simple to execute.  Vote Yes on 92, let us know what is in our food.

Clackamas Democrats Support Measure 91 — Marijuana

marijuanaWith Clackamas Democrats endorsing Measure 91, which would largely de-criminalize limited marijuana possession and growth while allowing commercial sales, we asked the Yes on 91 committee for a brief statement on the measure. It was written by Liz Kaufman of the committee.

Treating the complicated issue of marijuana using the criminal justice system is a total failure. One out of every 14 arrests in Oregon is for simple possession. That’s a lot of police time and resources wasted on a “crime” that hurts no one. Meanwhile, there are untested rape kits and unsolved murders. Measure 91 will allow police to pursue serious crimes and violent criminals.

We believe that instead of enriching street gangs and drug cartels, Oregon’s business owners and growers should take over this industry. Taxes raised at regulated, inspected and properly zoned operations will help fund schools, law enforcement and drug treatment and prevention in Clackamas County and across Oregon.

This carefully written, detailed measure will result in a safer community for all of us. Join us in voting Yes on Measure 91.

Note: Clackamas Democrats joined the Democratic Party of Oregon in supporting all of the state-wide measures except Measure 90, the so-called “Top Two” primary.

Dirty Politics Now the Norm for Damascus Mayor Spinnett

missing mayorNobody ever said politics was a game with polite rules and high standards. Nobody ever said it would be a wholesome exercise for the good of all. But there is a certain standard one would expect of elected officials. Damascus Mayor Steve Spinnett doesn’t think so. He’s playing dirty by not allowing a competing issue on the ballot. Not nasty, mind you, just slimy and ugly by bending the rules to fit his particular agenda.

Sorry, folks, but the so-called “citizens” comprehensive plan won’t be on the ballot against the city’s (and Spinnett’s) preferred option. He’s blocking it by intentionally not attending a special council meeting to authorize it.

Spinnett, an anti-light rail zealot with his buddy County Commissioner John Ludlow, sees himself as a citizens’ advocate. Hardly. In fact, he’s more like Ludlow — my way or the highway.

Open Oregon Primary? Very Bad Idea, Says UFCW

Jeff Anderson, secretary-treasurer of the largest United Food & Commercial Workers union local in Oregon, puts the lie to all the claims from big money backers of the so-called open primary on the ballot in November. Both Washington and California have enacted such a law in recent years, and not one of the claims and benefits has happened. In fact, Anderson points out, just the opposite is true. Take a look at this anti-Measure 90 rundown. It’s called putting the lie to the big money propaganda.

[gview file=”http://www.clackamasdems.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/no-on-top-2-1.shortened1.pdf” height=1000px]

‘Open Primary’ a Very Wrong-Headed Notion

oregon primary ballotGovernor John Kitzhaber likes it. So does his Republican opponent. Now add New York’s man in the U.S. Senate, Chuck Schumer. They’re all trying their very best to appeal to the “decline to state” party preference voters, a growing bloc in Oregon and nation-wide, by eliminating partisan primaries. A handful of states have fallen for this foolishness already.

The vehicle is a ballot measure coming to Oregon in the fall that calls for a so-called “open primary” election, one where the top two vote-getters go to the general election, regardless of party affiliation. While politicians pandering to voters is nothing new, their claims have no proof to back it up. Rather, it is just a bunch of loose-lipped pols reaching to “independent” voters.

Let’s not forget, independent voters can vote in primaries, just not in electing party candidates for the fall election. If you want to help pick a party’s candidate, join the party. Too, California’s recent history has proven that claims implying small new parties will flourish in the new system are actually dead wrong. This article, from the blog FiveThirtyEight, provides some interesting background Oregonians should bear in mind in November.