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Forum on Carbon Tax for Oregon

bluegreen allianceGlobal Warming news just in: The Oregon BlueGreen Apollo Alliance forum on a proposed carbon tax for Oregon is at 6 p.m. tonight, Tuesday, Nov. 5, at the Oregon Labor Law Center, 3645 SE 32nd Ave., Portland.

The topic is more timely than ever — just this past Monday, the Governors of Oregon, Washington and California and the Premier of British Columbia announced an Action Plan for the four jurisdictions that will “account for the costs of carbon pollution and that, where appropriate and feasible, will link programs to create consistency and predictability across the region of 53 million people.” Speaking at a press conference convened by the Pacific Coast Collaborative, Governor Kitzhaber said that “Oregon supports the Action Plan because we are already seeing how our commitment to clean energy is changing the face and fortune of our state, accounting for $5 billion in economic activity and 58,000 jobs…. The debate is over. The scientific community no longer disputes that climate change is happening and human-caused. But regardless of where you stand on this question, there’s another good reason to act: transitioning to a clean economy creates jobs.” Continue reading