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Down to Brass Tacks at the County

Clackamas County Commissioners Ken Humberston, Martha Schrader, Paul Savas, Sonya Fischer, Chair Jim Bernard

Now that campaign fervor is slowing down for a moment, it is a good time to consider what your Democratically controlled Clackamas County Commission is doing to reflect your values. Three areas come to mind: Continue reading

Sen. Devlin to Outline Proposed State Budget

Want to know what the Oregon budget for the next two years might look like? Where the money may be going (or not)? Well, you can do that on Thursday, Jan. 28, with the co-chair of the legislature’s Joint Ways & Means Committee.

Co-chair and State Senator Richard Devlin, D-Lake Oswego, will host the meeting at 6:30 p.m., Jan. 28 at the Riverdale School, in the Multnomah County section of his district on Terwilliger Road.

Sen. Devlin, who will outline the state’s proposed budget, will be joined by State Rep. Ann Lininger, D-Lake Oswego, as the meeting is also in her district.

Rep. Lininger will talk about marijuana, among other topics, as she will chair the legislature’s Joint Committee on Implementation of Measure 91, the recreational marijuana issue which passed last fee.

Admission is free, and it should be interesting.