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Ludlow and Friends Show Even More Bad Judgment

roads.pot_hole.ludlowIneptitude and bad judgment seem to be the hallmarks of the John Ludlow-led Clackamas County Commissioners when it comes to their lack of proper attention to our county’s roads. The most recent example is in Canby, where they chose to re-pave certain streets outside the city during the busiest time of the year while totally ignoring their responsibility for county-owned streets inside the city limits. Here’s how the local newspaper described it.

Clackamas County Has Five of the Safest Cities in OR

Walking CrowdWhat are your criteria for choosing a place to live? Does it include good schools? Liberal attitude? Low taxes? Lots of jobs? Lovely natural beauty? How about a low crime rate?

If the latter is your priority, then welcome to Clackamas County, where a recent study shows that five of the 10 safest places to live in Oregon are located. West Linn, where less violent crime occurs per capita than any other place in the state, is the safest. Also on the list are Canby, Lake Oswego, Milwaukie and Wilsonville. Curiously, not in the top ten are any communities east of the mountains, on the coast, nor south of Corvallis.

Finally, for those with truly inquiring minds, we must mention that West Linn has only 30 other cities in the entire U.S. which are safer.

Killing Libraries

canceled libraryFirst, the short-sighted, narrow-minded citizens who only look at their wallets went to Gladstone and killed the library expansion with some phony “let the people vote” malarkey last year. Not, do we need a bigger library, but shall we pay for it? Now those same short-sighted, narrow-minded folks are thriving in Canby. Last week they killed the library there, too, even after selling $10 million in bonds to pay for it in combination with a city hall re-do.

Cities, recall, have traditionally had three core areas which serve as the center of the community, where people actually commune and hang out together: schools, libraries, and downtown commercial areas. Places where people learn together, learn individually, and shop together. No more. Only schools seem to be left as libraries are under continual attack by the short-sighed, narrow-minded types, and big malls and box stores like Walmart have all but destroyed those community gathering centers. If you take the long view and have a broad mind, take a look at how your library is doing. And don’t let it fall victim to the selfish radicals who treasure their wallets above all else.