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Another ‘Oops!’ Our County Clerk Violated Law This Time

Our Clackamas County clerk’s miscues and mistakes are almost legendary. From the worker caught altering ballots, the clerk’s refusal to sign any marriage certificate so that she doesn’t have to sign same sex ones, public money wasted on signature verification equipment, the list is long. (See A ballot-tampering probe highlights a history of problems under the Clackamas County Clerk. )

As bad as these and the rest are, they are not as serious as being found guilty of violating election law. Continue reading

Around the County: Candidates — Devlin Out, Collette Out, Johnson Out; Who’s In?

By Peter Toll

With about one year until the next general election and just seven months to the primary, candidates are facing new challenges as at least three incumbents in Clackamas County have announced their pending resignations from office.

Topping the list is State Senator Richard Devlin, co-chair of the Legislature’s powerful Joint Ways & Means Committee. The Democrat from Tualatin serving Lake Oswego and West Linn is being appointed to the Northwest Power Planning and Conservation Council by Gov. Kate Brown. His letter of resignation will follow Senate confirmation Nov. 15. Continue reading