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Reflections on Being a Woman, a Minority, a Legislator from Rep. Andrea Salinas

By Diane Jukofsky, Beaver Creek

Members of the Oregon State Legislature, which convened for a short session on February 5, make up one of the most diverse and female-dominant body ever to convene in Salem. In addition, an unusual number of legislators — seven in total — are new, having been appointed to vacated seats. One legislator who fits all these categories is District 38 Representative Andrea Salinas, D-Lake Oswego, who was appointed to the seat formerly held by Ann Lininger, named a Clackamas County judge.

Shortly before the legislature adjourned on March 3, Rep. Salinas shared with Clackamas County Democrats her thoughts on her role in the legislature, her legislative priorities, and offered advice to women and minorities thinking of running for public office. Continue reading

Kitz Leads Local Clean Air Fight vs. Feds

Coal piled in open railroad carsThere’s a whole lot more to Clackamas County environmentalists fighting global warming and air pollution than opposing coal trains in the Columbia Gorge hauling their nasty cargo to China. Witness Governor Kitzhaber and his Washington counterpart, Jay Inslee, writing a stern letter to the Obama White House rebuking these shipments as so negatively impacting the United States as to “dwarf those of almost any other action the federal government could take in the foreseeable future.”

Yes, coal exports are up 50 percent under the Obama administration, a vexing situation for those concerned about climate change. Equally vexing, in 2010 the probable 2016 Democratic nominee for the presidency, Hillary Clinton, told the Olympic Club in San Francisco that “we’re either going to be dependent on dirty oil from the Gulf or dirty oil from Canada.”

There is also some hope on the horizon, as Rolling Stone magazine takes an in-depth look at the situation wherein those of us in Northwest Oregon are right in the thick of it.