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Looking Ahead to 2016 Sees Interesting Election Fights

BallotWe’re nine months away from the 2016 primary election, and already candidates are jockeying for position. Announcements have been made, and money is already being solicited in Clackamas County and across the state.

Here in Clackamas County the activity will be especially hot and heavy. Let’s look at the early information:


Terms are up for three of the five county commissioners, including the outspoken (“Stop Portland Creep, including Light Rail”) Chair John Ludlow. Two of his commission colleagues, both re-elected last year and thus able to run without losing their seats if they lose, have already announced they are running against him:

Jim Bernard is in his third term on the board. The former Milwaukie mayor was re-elected last year. A middle of the road Democrat (who now lives in New Era, east of Canby), Bernard feels he has a good shot at Ludlow.

Paul Savas, the Oak Grove Republican also re-elected in 2014, calls himself a moderate and is often the swing vote on the five-member commission. He also wants to send Ludlow packing home to Wilsonville.

That particular race will be especially interesting because, if no candidate achieves a majority in the primary, the top two will run off in November. (That’s true in many other races, too, of course.) Continue reading

A Congressional Update from Congressman Schrader

(Copied from Rep. Schrader’s email)

rep. schrader header image

Dear Friends–

The past few months in Congress have been a whirlwind and I wanted to share with you what I’ve been up to lately.

My work on the Energy and Commerce Committee has kept me busy and we’ve had some bipartisan achievements, including reforming the Medicare Sustainable Growth Rate formula. This problem had been lingering for decades and Congress took an encouraging step forward, assuring that seniors get to see doctors that have been reluctant to accept Medicare reimbursement by setting up a new, permanent, value-based formula. Last month, Congress also overwhelming passed an updated Toxic Substances Control Act after years of inaction, which created uncertainty for industry and environmentalists. Both industry and environmentalists supported the bill. The Committee also unanimously voted for the 21st Century Cures Act, which will speed up the research and development of a new generation of life-saving cures and treatments for patients and dramatically increases research funding at the National Institutes of Health.

Continue reading

Tootie Bids for Congress

tea party tootieAfter threatening us with her presence on a Congressional ballot, County Commissioner Tootie Smith announced officially she is taking on incumbent Kurt Schrader in a quest to represent the counties of Clackamas, Marion, Polk, Lincoln, Tillamook, and smidgens of Multnomah and Benton counties. Riding Big Right Wing Money into office last fall on the Oregon Transformation Project financial bus, Tootie, a former legislator, wants to see if she can keep that momentum rolling at the ballot box.

For progressive thinkers in Clackamas County, the result is lose-lose. If she beats Schrader (doubtful) then we lose, and if she fails and stays a commissioner, we lose.

Heart of the campaign though is money: She’ll have a lot of it if Andrew Miller, big OTP funder and main squeeze of US Senate candidate Monica Wehby, decides to share some of the booty with Tootie.

Obama’s Do-Nothing Congress

It was back in 1947 that then-President Harry S. Truman, a Democrat, declared that by passing only 906 measures, he was dealing with a “do-nothing” Republican Congress. One can only wonder what the man from the Show-Me State of Missouri would say about the current 113th Republican Congress, which has passed but a measly 56 measures to date. That’s right, just 56. John Boehner and his gang of do-nothings are living up to their anti-government reputation by doing exactly what they claim government is so good at — nothing. They should be ashamed.

Tootie “Really Can’t Say” What She Would Do in Congress

woman hiding behind question markWhile you may have read about Clackamas County Commissioner Tootie Smith’s would-be “Ms. Smith Goes To Washington” movie on this website a few weeks ago, the Oregonian’s Jeff Mapes sat down with her to discuss her “exploratory” campaign, and the results aren’t very revealing. Leave it to Tea Party Tootie to figure she can ride that Trojan horse to Congress.

It’ll be an interesting show — moderate Kurt Schrader against radical Tootie. Hmmm. Radical Tootie sort of has a ring to it.