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Key Role for Voters in May Primary

This year’s May 15 primary is shaping up to be very interesting in Clackamas County. Looking at some key races where voters will decide the standard bearer:

House District 18 has eight precincts in southern Clackamas County and a spanking new Republican appointee in the seat. Rick Lewis, former Silverton police chief and later mayor, is challenged by Democrats Doug Culver and Barry Shapiro, both of Silverton. Lewis is seen as lackluster. Possible upset.

HD26 has four precincts in Wilsonville, and that’s where Democrat Ryan Spiker lives. Incumbent Republican Richard Vial, a first-termer, has a GOP primary challenger, too, in the district that stretches north to King City and west to Hillsboro. Registration changes have made 26 a Democratic district now, but Spiker has work to do. Continue reading

‘Big O’ Looks Closely at Clerk, Treasurer Races

Mark Meek

Mark Meek

Following the usual journalistic trend on down-ticket races, The Oregonian has waited until the last three weeks of the May 20 primary race to introduce candidates in some races which carry unusual interest this time.

If “free ink” is good for a political candidate, incumbent County Clerk Sherry Hall doesn’t want any more, thank you. The article adds a new challenge for Hall: her record. Hall’s history in office is a travesty of terrible proportions, ranging from ballot tampering to wrong deadlines on voting and filing, having to reprint ballots because they carried wrong information, on and on.

david robinson

David Robinson

Democrats have two excellent candidates this time. They are small business owner Mark Meek, of Gladstone, and another businessman, David Robinson, of West Linn. They were co-endorsed by the North Clackamas Chamber of Commerce, and each has racked up numerous personal, organizational and union endorsements.

Shari Anderson

Shari Anderson

Don’t confuse Ms. Hall with County Treasurer Shari Anderson. Ms. Anderson is the county treasurer who has run her office efficiently and effectively for 16 years. Shari Anderson deserves re-election.

Take a look at what the state’s biggest newspaper has to say in these two articles:

Clackamas County clerk: Sherry Hall must beat her own reputation, four other candidates

Clackamas County elections: Treasurer Shari Anderson draws challengers for first time in 15 years


Yet Another Partisan Mistake by County Clerk

By Eric Carlson (Lake Oswego)

hall on phoneClackamas County Clerk Sherry Hall — our very own Mistress of Mistakes — strikes again.

Got my ballot Friday. First line: “Official Nominating Ballot for the Democrat Party.”

The Democrat Party.

That’s not the name of the party.

It’s the “Democratic Party.” It’s been the Democratic Party since the 1840s. Continue reading

From the Left Bank
Devlin Draws a Zero; Other County Races Heating Up

By Peter Toll

Sen. Richard DevlinDistrict 19

Sen. Richard Devlin

State Senator Richard Devlin is breathing a major sigh of relief in learning that jillionaire Richard Miller has now said he will not run against him in November as an Independent candidate.

Devlin, whose Senate District 19 covers Lake Oswego, West Linn, Stafford, Tualatin and parts of Southwest Portland, had neither primary nor general opposition. But Miller, the founder of Avamere retirement and senior facilities, set up a political action committee recently. The PAC’s purpose is to support Miller’s candidacy in a race yet to be determined.

Best bet for Miller was Devlin’s seat. Devlin has served in the legislature since 1997 when he was elected to the House. In 2003 he moved over to the Senate and has been there ever since. He is considered “the money brain” of the Senate, where he co-chairs the Ways & Means Committee. Devlin is also a former Senate Majority Leader. Continue reading