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Around the County – 4/26/17

We Wind Up Paying Bigger Bills When GOP Shirks Responsibility

By Peter Toll

One of the problems with Republicans is the first thing they do is start dismantling stuff in an effort to “get government off our backs” and, at the same time, lower taxes. Republicans now controlling all branches of the federal government remind us of their short-sighted propensities daily.

The best local examples of this foolishness in office are John Ludlow and Tootie Smith, recently unelected Clackamas County Commissioners. They almost literally fiddled while the county’s roads and infrastructure all but collapsed around them over the past four years. Continue reading

Ludlow and Friends Show Even More Bad Judgment

roads.pot_hole.ludlowIneptitude and bad judgment seem to be the hallmarks of the John Ludlow-led Clackamas County Commissioners when it comes to their lack of proper attention to our county’s roads. The most recent example is in Canby, where they chose to re-pave certain streets outside the city during the busiest time of the year while totally ignoring their responsibility for county-owned streets inside the city limits. Here’s how the local newspaper described it.

From the Left Bank
Ludlow Dallies While Our Roads Are Crumbling

By Peter Toll


John Ludlow has a problem. He is bedeviled by his own confused values while facing a county-wide conundrum.

He has a basic conflict between his sworn sense of service and his obeisance to those who elected him on a “less government, lower taxes” platform in 2012.

Clackamas County’s road system, one of the largest in any county in Oregon, is in bad shape and getting worse every day. There’s not enough money for proper upkeep. This is no surprise.

In the first board session of 2013, some 14 months ago, Commissioner Paul Savas emphasized in his first words of the meeting that road maintenance led his “must do” agenda for the county.

Ludlow looked the other way. Continue reading

From the Left Bank

By Peter Toll

pot holePlenty of ironies to keep us alive in Clackamas County and elsewhere with the famous John Ludlow-Tootie Smith combination kicking off today’s list.

The county roads are old, overused, and deteriorating. They were mostly constructed with the largesse of the federal government back in the day (40-50 years ago) when infrastructure was not only needed but the work provided a wealth of family wage jobs, too.

Ludlow and the Tootster had a revelation the other day considering a $20 million bond issue to upgrade and repair county roads. This will be a tough sell to the taxpaying public, they mused aloud. Trying to educate the voters will require going back to kindergarten, muttered Tootie with a certain level of disgust under her breath.

The irony, of course, is that Ludlow and Tootie were brought into office by these tax-hating, anti-government, anti-light rail, and anti-any-authority-except-their-own, tea party wackos. Continue reading