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Act Now to Stop the Oregon’s Secretary of State from Undermining Our Petition Process

One of the keystones of Oregon’s democracy is the petition process. In the past few months, Secretary of State Dennis Richardson has made two moves that seriously undermine this process:

  • First he gave his approval to allow petition circulators to gather signatures on petitions without a ballot title or other information — like signing a blank check. This could fill our ballots with any kind of outrageous measures the far-right cares to propose.
  • Now he wants to eliminate circulators from the signature gathering process. Circulators, according to current law, actually attest to seeing citizens sign the petition. This requirement came out of petition fraud perpetrated by Republican anti-tax activists in the 70s and 80s. Richardson’s proposal would eliminate this necessity, allowing anyone to get any measure on the ballot without proper process.

Public comments on his latest scheme about removing circulators from the process are being taken by his office until 5 pm, Dec. 21. Oregonians should not stand for this terrible behavior any more. Please take a moment and send a note today. There is too much at stake to ignore it.

Please click this link and simply write “Protect the petition gathering process; do not change the requirements for signature gatherers.”


Every text, email, post is critical

Act today!

Oregon Secretary of State Asks: Can We Learn from Trump?

By William Street, HD 40 Co-Leader

In what appears to be a clear violation of the standards of the office of secretary of state, the Oregon official charged with overseeing all elections in Oregon, Secretary Richardson has mastered the Trump administration’s “conflict of interest” ethos.

In a newsletter issued November 29, 2017 he writes:

Soon Oregon voters will be considering whether or not to approve tax increases intended to provide additional funding to the OHA. With such abysmal examples of OHA misfeasance and obfuscation, OHA faces tough questions about its credibility and its ability to appropriately spend the money it is provided.

—Dennis Richardson

This is clearly an appeal to voters to vote NO on Measure 101, a bipartisan health care bill designed to protect more than 60,000 Oregon children and stabilize insurance markets for millions more. Continue reading

Parrish-Richardson Collusion in Salem?

When you pay a political consultant (who happens to be State Rep. Julie Parrish  from West Linn) more than $330,000 to help you get elected Secretary of State, can you be wholly impartial when that State Rep puts up a ballot initiative?  For the Oregon Nurses Assn., something isn’t passing the smell test.

Video: Richardson’s Views Draw Breathtaking Responses

Dennis Richardson, the wacky character from southern Oregon who wants to be governor, brings a truly otherworld reality to the race. The stuff he puts on the public record is breathtaking in its bizarre way. Indeed, Richardson’s public appearances are often not advertised.

Ditto GOP Senate candidate Monica Wehby. Each presents themselves so badly that their handlers are actually hoping for a small turnout — without the press, of course — lest they embarrass themselves afresh.

How they will fare in upcoming debates and the response they draw are probably embodied in this Youtube piece. Clackamas County reference? Even though Wehby lives in the county, neither she nor Richardson have been seen campaigning or speaking in the county of late.

Losers Join Wehby, Richardson Staffs

mad hatters tea party.small

‘I want a clean cup,’ interrupted the Hatter: ‘let’s all move one place on.’

Hey, said the two key Republican players running for state-wide office in Oregon, let’s change our campaign leadership and add some proven losers to our teams! So that’s exactly what they did. Wehby’s campaign manager, who has watched her systematically drive her U.S. Senate race into the ground, is moving over to gubernatorial candidate Dennis Richardson’s campaign.

Turns out the replacement to head Wehby’s race is a gent from Iowa whose candidate finished fourth of five in a U.S. Senate primary this year. And joining Richardson’s staff as field director is another loser, young Jason Conger, son of the State Rep Wehby beat in the Oregon primary. He ran his dad’s futile effort. GOP state-wide candidates seems to have trouble attracting serious talent to help them win, as illustrated by their dismal record. Continue reading