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Trumps M.O is Mob-Boss 101

By Norm Tarowsky

I hate to admit it but my initial feeling that Trump was just a con man (a P.T. Barnum showman, a charlatan, a snake oil salesman) fighting mental demons (malignant narcissistic disorder and a sociopathic personality) was only partially right. Since taking over as President we have been able to see him in action, and as his ex-lawyer and fixer Michael Cohen told us in his testimony he is also operating as a crime boss running his family syndicate.

 What is the crime Boss M.O. (modus operandi) or operating style? It has the following characteristics:

 1)            The Boss demands absolute loyalty and fealty; it is above all else, including  family, country, religious beliefs, and self. Anything else makes one a traitor and the enemy, someone who must be denounced and destroyed.

2)            The only thing important to the boss is himself and his immediate family and, of course, the satisfaction of his ego and accumulation of more wealth and power.

 3)            The Boss is to be treated as royalty and publicly praised and fawned over, with pure sycophantic groveling and obedience. This chain of command is rigid and must be followed.

 4)          The Boss makes all the decisions. and the organization exists to carry them out.  To freelance is very dangerous and seen as insubordination and will be dealt with.

 5)            The Boss must be protected at all costs; like the secret service, underlings are expected to take a bullet to save him.

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Bernie Sanders’s Hard Fight for Hillary Clinton

By Eric Carlson, PCP, Precinct 152

To my friends in Clackamas County ~


Three things in the following article caught my attention:

The first one is in the lead sentence. “…Bernie Sanders does not seem to hold grudges.”

The second is a paragraph toward the end. “I disagree with Donald Trump on virtually all of his policy positions,” Sanders said. “But what upsets me the most — what upsets me, it’s beyond disagreement — is we have struggled for so many years to overcome discrimination, and he is running his campaign, the cornerstone of which is bigotry. Now, as Americans we can disagree on many issues. But we have come too far — too many people have gone to jail, and too many have died in the struggle for equal rights. We are not going back to a bigoted society.” Continue reading