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Platform Convention Reflections (Part 1)

Democratic Party of Oregon’s annual Platform Convention in March brought more than 500 active Democrats to Salem. The largest delegation was from Clackamas County, our state’s third largest county.

What happens under the “big tent” when you are in a minority and majority rules governs the outcome?

What happens when there are no structures for the minority to have their voice seriously considered, whether that minority is on the left or the right?

Jobs versus the environment has been a major conflict within our Democratic Party since before the Spotted Owl. This conflict has traditionally divided union workers from urban environmentalists. It has divided rural communities from urban financial centers. Those divides were well represented at the Platform Convention. Continue reading

DPO 2016-2017 Platform Convention

DPO platform icon greenThe Democratic Party of Oregon’s Platform and Legislative Agenda sets forth our values and goals for the upcoming elections and legislative sessions. The 2014-2015 DPO platform, for example, calls for living-wage local jobs, reproductive freedom of choice, a full range of educational courses, programs, and services, and much more. See the full platform here. (PDF)

Delegates from the county parties convene biennially to determine the DPO’s platform and legislative agenda for the next two years. The 2016 convention will be held on March 4-6 at Hillsboro High School. Delegates must be named by the end of January. Clackamas County Democrats will appoint as many as 84 delegates and 42 alternates at our January meeting. If you are a registered Democrat in Clackamas County and are interested in becoming a delegate, come to the January meeting:

Thursday, January 28 at 7:00 pm (refreshments start at 6:30)
Operating Engineers Hall, 555 East 1st Street, Gladstone map

This is a great chance to serve and influence your party in a crucial election year. Now is the time to get more deeply involved.