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They’re Lining Up for Clackamas 2020 Elections

By Peter Toll

Our primary elections are not until May, 2020, but the troops are amassing their forces in hopes of election, unseating incumbents, and otherwise bringing some action to the local side of the ballot.

Before then, in November of this year, several special elections will occur in Happy Valley, West Linn, and West Linn-Wilsonville Schools, among others.  Too, Metro, which covers about half our county, has an election to extend its natural resources/park bond, a proposal which will extend but not increase bond revenues.  Little controversy is expected in this election.

At the federal level:

Both of Clackamas County’s incumbent Democratic Members of Congress, Earl Blumenauer in the 3rd District and Kurt Schrader of the 5th District, have primary opponents.  

Blumenauer is being challenged by Albert Lee, of Portland, a newcomer to the political scene, while Schrader has drawn Milwaukie Mayor Mark Gamba.  Lee is a very long shot but Gamba, who has a serious following, will put up more of a fight.  Raising money will be the key issue for both challengers.

At the county level:

County Chair Jim Bernard has filed for re-election.  And former legislator Tootie Smith, who lost her own commission re-election bid four years ago, has filed against him.  This will be a donnybrook.

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Roosevelt Dinner and Auction

The Democratic Party of Clackamas County invite you to join us on Saturday, October 12, 2019, for the Roosevelt Dinner & Auction. This gala event will be at the Tualatin Country Club and feature a delicious dinner, Congressman Earl Blumenauer and other guest speakers, and a live auction with auctioneer Dave Hunt

Buy your tickets now for our biggest event of the year:  https://secure.actblue.com/donate/roosevelt19

For more information, see our dedicated page – click here .

Rep. Blumenauer Asks Obama to Decriminalize Marijuana

earl blumenauerWhich Congressman representing part of Clackamas County is leading the way in asking President Obama to reclassify marijuana to allow more (legal) recreational and medical use? Democrat Earl Blumenauer, who serves a handful of precincts in our county, has gotten 17 other members of Congress, including a Republican, to join him in signing a letter to Obama requesting that he lighten up on the herbal smoke. This is on the heels of the Colorado and Washington plebiscites that move those states in that direction. And Oregon could well be right behind after this November’s election.

That Blumenauer is from a safe seat is helpful, though he’s rarely had trouble speaking his mind. Let’s hope Obama starts listening and gets AG Eric Holder on the bus, too.

Note to Democratic Congressman Peter DeFazio of Springfield, whose district includes college towns Eugene and Corvallis and has some of the finest weed growing environment in the country: Time to sign up.