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Economists Recognize What We Live Here in Clackamas Every Day

As the story goes, Franklin Roosevelt spent a good portion of his time as president during the midst of the Great Depression searching for a one-armed economist.

This search was driven by the fact that, whenever he would ask one of his economists how to solve the depression, they would give him an answer and then say: “Of course, on the other hand …” and give the exactly opposite suggestion.

Thus when more than two economists agree, it’s big news. So when 1,470 economists agree on something, it must be important. What have these Nobel laureates, former high level policy advisers, and academics agreed on? Continue reading

Will German Firm Buy Major County-Based Business?

By William Street

mentor-graphicsThe German firm Siemens’ offer of $4.5 billion to buy Wilsonville’s Mentor Graphics has been approved by Mentor’s board. Whether this increases or decreases job security for Clackamas County remains to be seen. We certainly hope this is a step in the right direction. On the other hand, $4.5 billion has been created that didn’t exist before, and Mentor staff won’t see much of this money. Yet they are the ones who created and maintain the wealth of the company. Continue reading