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Democrats Fare Very Well in Non-Partisan Clackamas Races

Clackamas Democrats don’t sit on their hands in so-called non-partisan elections. They know candidates have values, and they work for and support those candidates who share their values. (Endorsed candidates in bold.)

In the case of Tuesday’s special district elections with 77 overall races, Clackamas Democrats won eight of the 11 contested races they worked on. Many races were uncontested but worth mentioning is Betty Reynolds, of West Linn. She won election to the Clackamas Community College board; she was appointed a few months ago to a vacant slot and was unopposed.

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Election Recap: Clackamas Celebrates Three New State Reps

When Clackamas County folks went to bed Monday night, they were represented in the Oregon House of Representatives by five Democrats and five Republicans. Twenty-four hours later, there were eight Democrats and just two Republicans. Continue reading

Primary Wrapup 2018

There were a few surprises in primary election results this year as only three legislative races attracted more than one Democratic entry. Most hotly contested and most expensive race in the state for the primary:

Senate District 24, spanning Multnomah and Clackamas counties, saw incumbent Rod Monroe facing two Democratic opponents. He went down hard to former State Rep. Shemia Fagan as she amassed over 60 percent of the vote. Kasye Jama, the other challenger, mustered about 12 percent. This was winner-take-all, as no Republican has filed. Continue reading

How Clackamas County Voted Compared to the State

where the fight isClackamas County voters fell short in primary election turnout compared to state-wide voting, but there were some notable exceptions. State-wide turnout was 51.7 percent; in Clackamas the overall response was a shade under 50 percent.

While Bernie Sanders took the state-wide presidential race by 57.9 percent to 42.4 percent in winning every county but one (Gilliam voted 101-100 for Hillary Clinton), his edge in Clackamas was narrower — 50.1 percent to 45.4 percent. Lane County’s 60.4 percent for Bernie topped the state; massive Multnomah gave him 58.8 percent.

Democrats dramatically outperformed Republicans across Oregon with a 66.7 percent turnout compared to 57.9 percent Republican. Independent Partyers voted at a 36.3 percent clip and non-affiliated voters hit 19.9 percent; that makes sense because both groups were shut out of party primaries. Continue reading

Democrats Win 3-of-4 Contested Clackamas Races

Democrat Kick - 2012Clackamas Democrats were actively involved in four non-partisan special district elections this week, winning three of them. Turnout was predictably low — 21.5 percent county-wide, according to the county clerk’s office.

Here are the races where we paid special attention with volunteers and/or financial support:

  • In West Linn, City Councilor Russ Axelrod defeated Council President Thomas Frank by a 3,318 to 2,700 count in a special election to fill the remainder of a mayoral term left vacant by the resignation of John Kovash.

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From the Left Bank
County Election Results: The Candidates

By Peter Toll

Ballot DropDespite our efforts to upset an applecart here and there in last week’s elections, Clackamas County will send five Democratic members to Oregon’s House of Representatives in January and five Republicans. We also have five Senators, of which three are Democrats and two are Republican. In other words, they tend to accurately represent the voter registration of 229,859 in the county, which is pretty even (R-D) with a 2,000 or so bump for the Democrats. No changes of power here.

We didn’t lose any of our incumbents. Representatives retained on the Democratic side are Ann Lininger, Lake Oswego; Brent Barton, Oregon City; Jeff Reardon, East Portland; Shemia Fagan, Happy Valley; and newcomer Kathleen Taylor, of southerly SE Portland, retained for Democrats the seat formerly held by Carolyn Tomei, Milwaukie. Barton and Fagan, as freshmen, faced the strongest challenges with Barton beating Steve Newgard again, 53.8 percent to 45.7 percent. Fagan beat Jodi Bailey, also of Happy Valley, 52.3 to 47.2 percent. (All discrepancies due to write-ins, lesser candidates.) Continue reading