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Help ensure integrity of our elections – become an election observer

Election Observer Training

Ballot DropTraining for Election Observers will be conducted at the following dates

  • Thursday, October 16th from 6:00-7:00 PM in the hour prior to the regular monthly meeting of the Democratic Party of Clackamas County Central Committee at Operating Engineers Hall at 555 E First Street, Gladstone, OR.
  • Saturday October 18th from 11:00-12:00 AM at Democratic Party of Clackamas County at 609 Main Street, Oregon City, OR.

The training will cover new equipment in the elections office, how this affects the process and our involvement – and other things you will need to know to be an effective election observer.

Both sessions will be identical. Every election observer needs to attend one of the sessions, so please choose the one that best suits your schedule. Bring your personal calendar so you can sign up for shifts at the training session.

John DeHaas

503-786-6480 (home)
503-706-2499 (cell)

From the Left Bank
Clackamas Primary Battles Are Firming Up

By Peter Toll

P5200006.JPGCandidates appearing on the primary ballot May 20 in Clackamas County are firm as all filings closed on Tuesday, March 11.

Some new faces have surfaced in both non-partisan and partisan contests. Outspoken State Rep Julie Parrish drew a Democratic opponent, Sherry Hall drew five, and four Democrats want to succeed retiring Carolyn Tomei in the legislature. Continue reading

Republican Rift Shows Up on County Ballots

republican riftHow does Clackamas County stand in the right wing versus semi-moderate Republican Party of Oregon? Two races may offer some insight.

Republican Sherry Hall is seeking re-election as Clackamas County Clerk.  Linda Neace, a county Repub stalwart, wants the job. Both women live in Gladstone. (Democrats Cyndi Lewis-Wolframof Milwaukie, Mark Meekalso of Gladstone, and David Robinson, of West Linn, are also running, but that’s another story.) Is Neace just an opportunist going after Hall because Hall is so incompetent or because they have different philosophies of governing?

Two Republicans also want to replace freshman Democrat Shemia Fagan, from Clackamas/Multnomah County’s District 51. They are Jodi Bailey, of Happy Valley, and Brandon Miles, of Portland. How are their views different from one another?

We may know the answer by seeing who showed up where last weekend, when Republicans held their 50-year-old Dorchester Conference in Lincoln City, and the far righters, led by Gayle Attebery of Oregon Right to Life and former legislator and unsuccessful wannabe governor, Kevin Mannix, had an alternate funfest at the Monarch Hotel in Clackamas Saturday.  This is the first time the rift is public, with only U.S. Senate candidate Rep. Jason Conger pledged to appear at both events.

Anti-Union Measure the Subject of Thursday’s Clackamas Dems Meeting

ClackamasDemocratsMasterAmong the many ballot measures Oregonians will probably be facing in the fall is one promoted by business interests which, in effect, could play a big role in killing unions here. The right wing has similar measures going in 16 other states with alarming amounts of success. Clackamas Democrats meeting Thursday at the Operating Engineers union hall in Gladstone will learn more about this pernicious attack on the rights of working folks.

Liz McCann of Keep Oregon Working will be the featured speaker. The 7 p.m. meeting at 555 E. First St. is open to all Democrats. Doors open at 6:30 p.m.

Nov. 5, 2013 Election Results

Blue checkmark on vote checkbox, pen lying on ballot paperWith 100 percent of the precincts reporting, here are the results for the various measures up for consideration in Clackamas County:

Damascus will stay incorporated with a vote of  2,920 (63.5%) for disincorporation and 1,681 (36.5%) against. Even though the result was nearly 2 to 1 in favor of disincorpating, the measure did not pass because it requird a majority of the 6,879 registered voters, or at least 3,439 yes votes.

West Linners will have to swim elsewhere, as the bond measure for the aquatic center was soundly defeated: 5,753 (25.1%) against, 1,933 (74.9%) for.

Lake Oswegans heartily supported their school district, with 10,164 (78.5%) voting to continue the option levy and only 2,780 (21.5%) voting against it.

You can view these results in tabular form at the Clackamas County Elections website.



GOP Moderates vs. Tea Partiers

mitch-mcconnellWhile it is unclear if serious tea party vs. moderate divisions are quietly fracturing Republicans in Clackamas County, it could happen as evidenced by other battles starting to unfold for next year’s elections. In Michigan, moderate Republican businessmen are filing for Congress against tea party incumbents, and in Kentucky the role is reversed. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, deemed a moderate by the wild-eyed tea partiers in Kentucky (which also sends Rand Paul to the Senate), is being challenged by a tea partier in his primary. Nasty situation for McConnell. Sort of like getting bitten by your own dog.

He faces a strong Democratic opponent if he can survive a reputation-bashing primary. Hard to believe the Democrats aren’t all splintered like they once were.