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County Democratic Legislators Score High on Environment

olcvlogoClackamas County’s Democratic legislative team averaged better than 83 percent support for environmentally important bills in the recent session, according to the Oregon League of Conservation Voters score card released this week. One of just a few legislators who voted 100 percent pro-environment was Carolyn Tomei, the veteran representative from Milwaukie.

Freshman Representative Shemia Fagan also received special recognition from the OLCV for exceptional service to her district, which includes part of northern Clackamas County. The Democrat with the lowest support level was at 78 percent.

At the other end of the spectrum, the highest percentage scored by a Clackamas County Republican was Bill Kennemer of Oregon City with 33 percent. All GOPers were at least 10 points lower with Vic Gilliam, who represents the southernmost edge of the county, coming in at 12 percent favorable.

Check out how your legislator did when it comes to protecting the environment.

From the left bank

By Peter Toll

Photo by Christopher Michel

Photo by Christopher Michel

How refreshing it can be to hear voices you don’t hear very often. In this case, it was the Dalai Lama, David Suzuki, John Kitzhaber and Andrea Durbin at Portland’s Veterans Memorial Coliseum last week. How far away they seemed with their strongly held views on the environment, the job situation, education and mutual responsibility for one another. John Ludlow and Tootie Smith wouldn’t have enjoyed it at all.

“Universal Responsibility and the Global Environment” was the theme of the free-wheeling, unscripted exchange and discussion emceed by Oregon Public Broadcasting’s Dave Miller. It covered the merging of spiritual values in turning ideas into action with positive impacts on the environment.

The 14th Dalai Lama emphasized education and the ability to adjust. How is it possible, he was asked, for him to change his position on a topic, even when it is a full contradiction to a personal view he once held? “New information,” he responded, “makes you look at it differently.” Education was a common theme for him. “And not just facts and knowledge, but examination and understanding.” By knowing more, you are in a better position to rethink, reanalyze, and thus change your position without conflict or dissension.

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