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Video: Richardson’s Views Draw Breathtaking Responses

Dennis Richardson, the wacky character from southern Oregon who wants to be governor, brings a truly otherworld reality to the race. The stuff he puts on the public record is breathtaking in its bizarre way. Indeed, Richardson’s public appearances are often not advertised.

Ditto GOP Senate candidate Monica Wehby. Each presents themselves so badly that their handlers are actually hoping for a small turnout — without the press, of course — lest they embarrass themselves afresh.

How they will fare in upcoming debates and the response they draw are probably embodied in this Youtube piece. Clackamas County reference? Even though Wehby lives in the county, neither she nor Richardson have been seen campaigning or speaking in the county of late.

From the Left Bank

Dennis Richardson tea party candidate

Dennis Richardson
tea party candidate

John Ludlow and State Rep. Dennis Richardson, R-Central Point, have several things in common:

Both are rock-ribbed tea partyers; both consider land use planning key to the demise of the American way of life; both think the only budget that shouldn’t be cut is their own; both think government is a huge waste of time and money, and both are beneficiaries of seriously large sums from Stimson Lumber Company’s Andrew Miller, the Portland lumber/timberland baron, and (before too long), the arch-right wing Koch Brothers. The latter are multi-billionaire Wichita, Kansas-based generals of industry who embrace most things regular folks abhor.

And, while Clackamas County Chair Ludlow is not up for re-election until 2016, if he makes it that far, Richardson’s announcement this week that he wants to be the next Governor of Oregon in 2014 should have Ludlow doing his happy dance in the streets of Wilsonville or Oregon City, depending on whether he’s working his real estate business or taking care of the public’s business for which he is paid $81,000 per year (plus benefits). Continue reading