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Double-Dipping? Maybe. Ethical? Hardly.

When Courtney Neron upset incumbent Republican Richard Vial for the seat in Oregon House District 26 last year, most folks figured that Vial, who lives in western Washington County, would just go back to his law practice full time.

But Vial had other ideas.  Yes, he’s back to his law practice. But in addition he has a very lucrative, public-funded job in the Secretary of State’s office.  He claims he’s working “24-7,” but his appointment calendars, obtained by The Oregonian via a public records request, come up empty for two days per work week. (See The Oregonian‘s report.)

If Vial’s moonlighting is not quite double dipping, it’s certainly not appropriate. 

Republican HD26 Candidate Does Not Live in HD26!

By Simon Springall and Peter Toll

Ray ListerThe Right Candidate for HD 26

Ray Lister
The Right Candidate for HD 26

Wilsonville and Oregon’s House District 26 narrowly avoided having disgraced former Rep Matt Wingard as the Republican candidate, only to end up with Republican candidate Richard Vial who does not actually live in the House District where he claims to live, according to a complaint Oregon House Democrats have filed with the secretary of state.

State law says he must live there a year, however his former home is rented out, and he has moved to a new home in House District 24.

Vial’s election slogan is “principled leadership.” We are wondering what kinds of principles he is hoping to lead with.

Elections officials in Salem are saying the November ballot has already been certified. That means no action will be taken until after the election if Vial were somehow to win the election for this open seat in Clackamas and Washington counties.

Democrat Ray Lister is the strongest and most principled candidate for this open seat. Lend him your support at www.raylister.com.