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Health Care, Education, the Environment: An Interview with HD37 Candidate Rachel Prusak

As the May 15 primary nears, we asked several candidates to respond to a few questions of interest to Clackamas County voters. Below is a Q&A with Rachel Prusak of West Linn, who is running for House District 37 representative.

Question: If elected as state representative, what are the three main priorities that you would hope to accomplish while in office?

Prusak: There are many issues to be addressed, but my top three issues are health care, education, and the environment. They are all related, and access is at the center of them all. Though Oregon has made great strides in recent years to provide access to quality, affordable health care, there are still too many Oregonians who lack access. Continue reading

Musical Chairs in the Legislature?

Musical chairs in the political arena may be under way in Senate District 19, which comprises House Districts 37 and 38. That district stretches from western Tualatin north to Lake Oswego and east to Stafford and West Linn.

The Oregonian reported State Senator Richard Devlin, D-Tualatin, is unclear as to his re-election bid, even though he has filed for re-election. A veteran and expert on the legislature’s Joint Ways & Means Committee (which handles the entire state budget), Sen. Devlin is held in high regard by his colleagues and rarely faces a serious race at home.

His departure would open the seat for two (of 60) State Representatives to possibly advance to the 30-member Senate. Most prominent is Rep. Julie Parrish of HD 37, a West Linn Republican. Also possibly in play could be recently-appointed Democratic Rep. Andreas Salinas, of Lake Oswego’s HD 38.

Both told The Oregonian they’re not running. If one does, however, that would open up a House seat. Hence the musical chairs.

Two-Faced Rep. Parrish Gets Serious Challenger

rosenthalOne of the most difficult legislative seats for Democrats to win in West Linn, Stafford and Tualatin has been the House District 37 seat held by Julie Parrish, a Republican. She’s never been beaten.

But perhaps the worm is turning. Parrish has been running around trying to recruit GOP House candidates across the state. That self-appointed duty got her in hot water with her caucus, and she was stripped of her leadership position. Is this the time to win the seat? Will Republicans in her district agree that she is grossly unproductive, has an abrasive leadership style, and is pretty worthless in representing them?

Welcome Gerritt Rosenthal. He is a Stafford resident and chair of the State Democratic Party’s Platform and Resolutions Committee. He lost a three-way Democratic primary in 2010 but remains concerned that Parrish is not serving her constituents well at all. Parrish claims big support for public schools but has a 21.4% approval rating from the biggest Oregon teachers union (OEA). Too, her son is enrolled at a charter school well out of her own West Linn-Wilsonville District. Parrish talks the game everybody wants to hear (pro-education), but it doesn’t ring true. We hope Rosenthal can make her a smidgen more honest while putting an old-fashioned whupping on her.