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HD 38 State Representative Election Aug. 14

We have an HD 38 election on Monday, August 14th. Prior to the election, we are holding a “mini-forum” beginning  at 5:30 p.m. at the Multnomah Arts Center. All are invited to attend, but only HD 38 PCPs can vote. (PCP credentialing process begins at 5 p.m.)

The agenda for the meeting is below. Continue reading

House District 38 Precinct Committee Persons Face Difficult Choice

Ann Lininger

When is a difficult choice an easy decision? When all of the choices are good.

That appears to be the situation facing Democratic House District 38 PCPs gathering August 14 to create a list of statute-limited three to five people to replace State Representative Ann Lininger; she was promoted to a Circuit Court judgeship by Governor Kate Brown.

County commissioners from both Clackamas and Multnomah counties will then make the ultimate decision as to which one of those candidates will fill the rest of Rep. Lininger’s term. Her resignation is effective August 15. The appointee must be of the same party — Democratic — as the departing legislator. Continue reading

HD 38’s Ann Lininger Resigns after Being Named to Bench

Ann Lininger

Candidates for appointment to the House District 38 representative position in the Oregon Legislature will be interviewed soon, as Rep. Ann Lininger, D-Lake Oswego, has been named to the Clackamas County Circuit Court bench by Governor Kate Brown. Rep. Lininger, a former Clackamas County commissioner, was appointed to the House in 2014 when then Representative Chris Garrett was named to a judgeship in the Oregon Court of Appeals.

Selecting someone to fill the balance of her term (through December, 2018) will be done by county commissioners based on the number of voters in the district. Commissioners will be limited to a list of three to five nominees put forth by the Precinct Committee People in HD 38 and ratified by the Clackamas County Democratic Central Committee. A public meeting will be set for the PCPs to meet the aspirants. Continue reading

HD 38 Meeting Greets Victors

House District 38, comprising Lake Oswego and a bit of SW Portland, saw some 60 people turn out for their March meeting at the Foothills Community Center of Lake Oswego, including a wealth of victorious candidates in the recent election.

Proud of its work in November, HD 38 welcomed County Commission Chair Jim Bernard, Commissioner Ken Humberston, and newly appointed Commissioner Sonya Fischer. Victories by Bernard and Humberston created the votes to appoint Commissioner Fischer to fill Bernard’s unexpired term. Each of them spoke gratefully and emphasized the new-found camaraderie and sense of moving forward now prevailing in the county. Continue reading

HD38 PCPs Convene to Consider Candidates to Succeed Garrett

Chris GarrettDemocrats from House District 38 comprising Lake Oswego and adjacent Multnomah County will convene Wednesday, Jan. 15, in Lake Oswego to start the selection process replacing State Rep. Chris Garrett, D-Lake Oswego, as he has vacated the seat upon being named to the Oregon Court of Appeals by Gov. John Kitzhaber.

Five candidates have come forward: Former County Commissioner Ann Lininger, family law attorney Sonya Fischer, political consultant Moses Ross, lobbyist Patricia O’Sullivan, and union activist Miles Eshaia. All but Ross, who resides in Multnomah County, live in Lake Oswego. The deadline to file a statement of candidacy is 5 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 14. Detailed information can be obtained at dpo.org/HD38-convention. Continue reading

Garrett Successor Subject of HD 38 Convention

Chris GarrettGovernor John Kitzhaber’s appointment of State Rep. Chris Garrett to the Oregon Court of Appeals, filling Garrett’s House District 38 (Lake Oswego and SW Portland) seat prompts a somewhat convoluted process. Candidates for the appointment will be vetted by HD 38 Democratic Precinct Committee Persons at a special Jan. 15 convention in Lake Oswego.

This activity will generate a list of three to five nominees from which Clackamas and Multnomah County commissioners will make the appointment in a weighted-vote system based on number of Democrats in each county in the district. The new state rep, who must be a Democrat, will then face nomination on the May primary and election in November.

Several documents are available to describe the process.

Of general interest:

HD 38 PCPs Will Nominate Candidates to Replace Garrett
How Voting Works in Legislative Nomination Conventions
The Appointment Process for Filling the Vacancy in House District 38

For anyone seeking nomination:

Memo to Candidates in House District 38 (PDF)
Statement of Nominee’s Willingness to Serve (PDF)