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Door-to-Door Canvassing with a Sad Twist in Happy Valley

Janelle Bynum

State Rep. Janelle Bynum was canvassing her Clackamas County district, knocking on doors and talking to voters. After a few hours, a neighbor called 911 to report suspicious activity. A sheriff’s deputy arrived, spoke to Rep. Bynum, and agreed to take a selfie with her.

This phone call to police would never have happened to a well dressed white male or a white female in Happy Valley.

Why are we so afraid of our neighbors? Why are we so afraid of those who look different from us? Continue reading

Impoverished Background Motivates Shemia Fagan

Shemia FaganMoney was very tight when Shemia Fagan was growing up in rural Wasco County. Her father did his best to support her in difficult circumstances. Her mother was in Portland suffering a mental malady and unable to participate in family life.

In a recent Facebook post, the lawyer and State Representative from House District 51 writes, “Want to know why I’m running for re-election?” She refers to a recent article in The Oregonian on poverty in our state, “This is not the Oregon I grew up in. Not the Oregon that helped a little girl from Dufur write her own story. I know firsthand that Oregon can do better, and with your help, we will be that Oregon again.”