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Standing and District Committees February Meeting Round-Up

We’re pleased to share the highlights below from Standing and District Committee meetings held in February.

Campaign Committee chaired by Peter Toll

The committee continues to strategize in preparation for the May 15 primary. Peter and HD leaders are working with candidates as needed. Click here for a compelling analysis of the races that will impact all of us in Clackamas County. Continue reading

Standing & District Committees January Meeting Round-Up

We’re pleased to present the first of what we hope will be monthly highlights from both Standing Committee and District Committee meetings, starting with reports below from meetings held in January.

Campaign Committee chaired by Peter Toll

The committee is busy strategizing how best to support Democrats seeking to serve in our state legislature. Below is the list of incumbents and candidates who have declared to run or filed for the May 15 primary, as of February 11.

HD 18 – Incumbent Rick Lewis (R). Appointed. Doug Culver (D) has filed.
HD 26 – Inc. Richard Vial (R). First term. Ryan Spiker (D) has filed.
HD 35 – Inc. Margaret Doherty (D). Bob Niemeyer (R) has filed. The district includes one precinct in Clackamas Co.
HD 37 – Inc. Julie Parrish (R). Rachel Prusak (D) has declared.
HD 38 – Inc. Andrea Salinas (D). Appointed. Two-thirds of this district is in Clackamas Co., with the balance in Multnomah Co. Continue reading

Around the County

Marchers, Anti-Marchers In Lake Oswego

By Peter Toll

What do peace, love, inclusiveness, and camaraderie have in common? They were all on the streets of Lake Oswego Saturday when some 700-800 folks came forth to make their views known about Donald Trump and his terrible deportation policies.

They outnumbered the March 4 Trump event across busy State Street and their message was loud and clear. In fact, when the pro-Trump march took place on that Saturday, the pro-inclusiveness marchers outnumber the Trumpers about 5-1.

More than 1,000 folks took to Lake Oswego’s main thoroughfare, State Street, in what has to be a first for that community of otherwise staid, quiet, but majority Democratic voters. They braved temperatures in the 30’s, spitting rain, hail, and sleet, to express their views. Continue reading