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Positive Economy Has Missed 1 in 3 Clackamas Kids

Approximately 29 percent of the poor in Clackamas County are under the age of 18. There are urban neighborhoods and rural communities where the poverty rate for children exceeds 50 percent.

The good news is that, at least based on SNAP data, there is a gradual decline in these numbers as the economy continues to improve. The trend line is for overall gradual reduction of children in poverty not only in Clackamas County but nationally as well since the disastrous 2008 economic crisis. Continue reading

From the Left Bank
A Lesson on Inequality

By Peter Toll

Trash_canAfter 30 years of elementary school teaching, my wife knows a good deal about educating children. She has lots of powerful stories. One of her favorites is how the fifth grade teacher helped his class understand human nature and social classes. It goes something like this:

With his pupils all at their desks in the usual four rows, the teacher put his waste basket on the floor beneath the white board at the head of the room. Then he gave every student a piece of paper and told them to write their name on it and then wad it up into a ball as if they were going to throw it.

Once they were ready, he asked them all to throw their paper wad into the waste basket at the front of the classroom. Not a lot went in. Continue reading

Video: A Refreshing Take on Income Inequality

Are the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer in Clackamas County? In Oregon? Nationally? Yes, yes, and yes. Comic John Oliver takes a good look at the picture. He provides insight, color, and, of course, humor to a situation which is becoming more frustratingly unfair with each passing day. Solution: Remove more Republican enablers from Congress.