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Losers Join Wehby, Richardson Staffs

mad hatters tea party.small

‘I want a clean cup,’ interrupted the Hatter: ‘let’s all move one place on.’

Hey, said the two key Republican players running for state-wide office in Oregon, let’s change our campaign leadership and add some proven losers to our teams! So that’s exactly what they did. Wehby’s campaign manager, who has watched her systematically drive her U.S. Senate race into the ground, is moving over to gubernatorial candidate Dennis Richardson’s campaign.

Turns out the replacement to head Wehby’s race is a gent from Iowa whose candidate finished fourth of five in a U.S. Senate primary this year. And joining Richardson’s staff as field director is another loser, young Jason Conger, son of the State Rep Wehby beat in the Oregon primary. He ran his dad’s futile effort. GOP state-wide candidates seems to have trouble attracting serious talent to help them win, as illustrated by their dismal record. Continue reading

‘Mother Jones’ Magazine Muses on Wehby Backers

Happy Woman Holding An Umbrella In A Money RainElsewhere on this website today, you’ll find a solid discussion of our County Commission candidates by a Portland-based progressive group. Now a national magazine is weighing in.

Mother Jones is a progressive publication based in Washington, D.C. It is not concerned with the challenges Jim Bernard and Paul Savas face, rather the curious deep pockets supporting Monica Wehby’s primary campaign against Jason Conger, a conservative legislator from Bend. Wehby, who lives in Lake Oswego and practices at a Portland hospital, has been found lacking on-the-ground and interview political smarts of a credible candidate. Conger is just the opposite. He’s savvy. Except he doesn’t have the money Wehby is drawing from some of the same old-same old gang we’ve come to know and dislike.

The concern is that if these big money types succeed in helping Wehby win the primary, they’ll be ready to round up some colossal donations to take out Democrat Jeff Merkley in November. Unless Merkley can find some big Democratic money.

Always nice to see how others see us and gain a new perspective, especially when some of these characters are actually willing to talk.