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A Message for Our Democratic Leaders

Fellow Democrats,

Like most of you, I found Donna Brazile’s book excerpt released yesterday, distressing and very hard to swallow.

Whether you were a Hillary supporter or a Bernie supporter or just a committed Democrat fighting for the election of Democrats up and down the ticket I’m certain that you were profoundly disappointed to learn that our national party had become so financially weak as to be completely dependent on one candidate for its survival. Continue reading

Progress by the Oregon Legislature (Summary of Recent Session)

By Jeanne Atkins
Chair, Democratic Party of Oregon

DPO Chair Jeanne Atkins

As the Trump Administration’s disastrous agenda grinds on, here in Oregon we continue to make great strides in passing progressive policies. We’re proud of the work our Democratic team has done to pass legislation in Oregon that will improve the lives of many.

Not everything we asked for was passed in the legislative session that just ended, but I’d like to highlight just a few of these accomplishments which helped to achieve our State Party’s platform and legislative priorities, some of which were so persuasive that Republicans joined in support. Continue reading