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Big Challenges in County Races

By Peter Toll



Leadership is on the line for Clackamas County as incumbent County Chair John Ludlow is under serious attack on three fronts, while two other county commissioners face their own election challenges.

Lackluster Ludlow, known more for bullying than any serious accomplishments in his more than three years in office, faces challenges by two mid-term colleagues on the commission. Jim Bernard and Paul Savas retain their seats if they lose this or the November election.

Also introducing himself into the anti-Ludlow candidates is the only non-commissioner, Oregon City Mayor Dan Holladay. He thinks all three of his opponents act like children and he’d be the adult who could step in and bring order out of the Ludlow-led chaos.

While this is officially a non-partisan race, Ludlow is a staunch Republican who was put into office in 2012 by the tea partiers under an anti-Metro, anti-Portland, anti-mass transit, and anti-tax banner. Ludlow has reflected their interest. He has alienated Metro to the point where Clackamas County is off the radar for Metro grants, usually helpful assistance on regional issues and cooperation. The county is at a low point in regional respect. Continue reading

Ludlow Doubles Down on Keeping Clackamas Closed for New Jobs

By Craig Stephens

Smoke must be coming out of County Commission Chair John Ludlow’s ears as he realizes the fundamental contradiction with his own arguments, like a computer imploding in a sci-fi movie when dealing with an internal contradiction of logic.

In an opinion piece in the Nov. 21 Oregonian, Ludlow says that Clackamas County has the highest median family income and highest percentage of high school-educated residents. And yet it lacks jobs compared to other counties, forcing workers into long commutes to get to work. Continue reading

It’s Time to Replace John Ludlow and Tootie Smith

By Craig Stephens

open for business

Open for Business

Voters have put up with the shenanigans and vindictive behavior of John Ludlow and Tootie Smith long enough. Maintaining and improving roads in Clackamas County need to be funded and implemented to support manufacturing, distribution, and farm transit. Timber money has all but disappeared, property tax cannot be used for road maintenance, and gas tax revenue is not enough to keep up with urgent repairs and safety improvements. The funding shortfall has been allowed to escalate to $17 million annually and is increasing each year. A leader is needed to take the best path for our pocketbooks and continue down it for immediate benefit and with a clear plan. Continue reading

From the Left Bank
Bernard Will Face Savas, Ludlow for County Chair

By Peter Toll

jim bernard

It’s now a three-way race as County Commissioner Jim Bernard has announced he will run against fellow Commissioner Paul Savas for the County Chair’s seat held by controversial Republican John Ludlow. Ludlow has not indicated he will seek re-election next year.

Both Bernard, a Democrat and former mayor of Milwaukie, and Savas, a Republican, will retain their seats on the county board if they lose in the May or November elections.

The first battle will be in seeing which two can survive the three-way primary next May.

In either case (except for Ludlow), the loser will retain their board seat as they are in the middle of a four-year term. If one wins at least 50 percent plus one, an unlikely prospect, the winner will survive and not face a general election. Continue reading

From the Left Bank
Can Three Precincts Turn Tide For Bates?

By Peter Toll

steve bates.boring.smallSteve Bates can be considered a stubborn man. Having lost his race to unseat Clackamas County Commissioner Jim Bernard in the May primary, Bates is asking for a recount of three precincts (of the county’s 181) to see if results would prompt an automatic county-wide recount.

Where Bates thinks he can find the votes to prompt the bigger recount opens interesting doors. They’re both urban and rural. He won two of them and lost in another. Overall county turnout was 30.95 percent with the county commission race drawing less, as the lower voters moved down their ballot, the more they lost interest.

Let’s look at the precincts Bates thinks may hold the secret to a recount and see how they did: Continue reading

Local Democrats Sweep Clackamas Primary Races

bernard-savasPrimary election results show a wonderful sweep for Clackamas County Democrats. Incumbent County Commissioners Democrat Jim Bernard and moderate Republican Paul Savas held off well-funded attacks from Steve Bates and Karen Bowerman, respectively. Voters are now accustomed to the offensive and inaccurate mailers and billboards put out by right wing PACs and their timber baron and sex therapist funders.

What remains to be seen is if County Chair John Ludlow, who had a direct hand in recruiting and publicly endorsing the losers, will find a way to work with a variety of perspectives, or will he continue to try to bully all the commissioners into his way of seeing things?

In the County Clerk’s race, Naval Reserve Commander and West Linn Democrat David Robinson will now face incumbent mistake maker Republican Sherry Hall in November. Democrat Shari Anderson was easily re-elected to a fifth term as County Treasurer. Continue reading