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COUNTY COMMISSION NEWS: a week and a half

Reprinted by permission from County Commissioner Ken Humberston

Ken Humberston

This last week and a half have been busy. We have met with Gladstone for the signing ceremony of our library settlement, reviewed our legislative agenda, Family Justice center report, I met with Metro Councilor Shirley Craddick, had a CLT update, lunched with the Estacada chamber of commerce, had our regular business meeting and last weekend attended the DPO conference in SunRiver.

This week began with a tour and demonstration at Schellenberg Technical school where students learn about tech, television , radio and all the professions surrounding the electronic media.You may have seen Chair Bernard trying out the Virtual Reality equipment on Facebook recently. We also met with representatives from the Concord Partnership to discuss the future of Concord elementary and the library possibilities at the site. Continue reading

Around the County – 4/26/17

We Wind Up Paying Bigger Bills When GOP Shirks Responsibility

By Peter Toll

One of the problems with Republicans is the first thing they do is start dismantling stuff in an effort to “get government off our backs” and, at the same time, lower taxes. Republicans now controlling all branches of the federal government remind us of their short-sighted propensities daily.

The best local examples of this foolishness in office are John Ludlow and Tootie Smith, recently unelected Clackamas County Commissioners. They almost literally fiddled while the county’s roads and infrastructure all but collapsed around them over the past four years. Continue reading

An Important Letter from Four Clackamas County Mayors


l-r: Mayors Axelrod (West Linn), Gamba (Milwaukie), Holladay (Oregon City), and Knapp (Wilsonville)

Voters of Clackamas County:

The last four years have been hard on Clackamas County. Working relationships with other area governments have suffered. Positive forward progress has largely stopped. Lawsuits, acrimony and conflict have flourished. County staff morale appears at an all time low. A citizen itemized $3.4 million of public money has been unnecessarily wasted by Clackamas County actions. Continue reading

County Commission Races Offer Serious Choices

By Peter Toll


Jim Bernard

ken portrait.small

Ken Humberston


Martha Schrader

Hardworking Clackamas County Democrats can share the credit for success in key local non-partisan primary election races as they gear up for the fall. Here’s a brief look at the results and some key campaign issues. Continue reading