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Koch Bros Yank $1 Million from Anti-Merkley TV Ads

koch bros.artsy.jared rodriguez.truthoutWhat happens when the TV advertising you’re buying is driving your candidate’s numbers in the wrong direction? Ask the Koch brothers.

We’ll be seeing less of those obnoxious and untruthful anti-Jeff Merkley ads in Clackamas County and elsewhere as the Koch brothers-sponsored political action committee is pulling the plug. There was about $1 million left on the table with the pullout, according to the article in Eugene’s Register-Guard. A refund check is probably in the mail.

When the ads began about three weeks ago, Merkley was leading by about 10 points. Latest polls show Merkley now up by 13 percent, a nice gain in the face of the massive media buy. Not only were the pro-Monica Wehby ads ineffective, but trying to generate appeal for Dr. Wehby just doesn’t seem to be working.

Let’s hope the Billionaire Bros keep their noses out of Oregon politics now that they’ve failed.

See the Movie ‘Citizen Koch’ on the Big Screen in Portland

“Citizen Koch,” an important new independent film about the impact of big money, unlimited election spending, and corporate personhood on our political system and on our society, is showing starting this week in Portland’s Cinema 21 Theatre. The movie is an up-to-date analysis of the money behind the tea party, the fracturing of the Republican Party. Buy tickets here.

Official Theatrical Trailer www.citizenkoch.com from Elsewhere Films on Vimeo.

Who’s Behind the Attack Ads on I-205?


Sen. Wyden

When you’re driving on I-205 in Gladstone and see those ugly billboards personally attacking President Obama and our senior Senator Ron Wyden, have you wondered where the nasty inspiration for such abusive messages comes from? The answer, it would appear, is the Koch Brothers, Karl Rove, and the rest of those awful characters. Their current target is the Affordable Care Act; they want it inoperable, unfunded, and meaningless. And they’re putting up $20 million so far in the attack.

Our own Congressman, Kurt Schrader, seems to have escaped the wrath — for now. Stay tuned to see where this goes on the Clackamas and Oregon front.

Right Wing’s Disinformation on Sellwood Bridge

Bicyclist on Sellwood BridgeConnecting the dots is always fun, especially in the political game. Example: Right-wing national group heavily funded by the Koch Brothers gives money to Portland “think tank” Cascade Policy Institute. CPI echoes conservative mantra of more cars and less light rail while denying it is influenced by its donors.

The Oregonian’s Steve Duin makes mincemeat of CPI’s attitude that the revised Sellwood Bridge design favors walkers and bicyclists too much. That is echoed by the fact-checkers at Politifact Oregon.

That the long arm of the Koch Brothers is impacting us in Oregon becomes more and more clear all the time.

From the Left Bank

Koch BrothersWhat do Julie Parrish and Mark Johnson have in common?

They’re both Republicans in the Oregon House of Representatives, both represent parts of Clackamas County, both won re-election in 2012, and both got $1,000 checks to their campaigns last September from Koch Industries. This is a multi-billion-dollar company owned by brothers David and Charles Koch who support a wealth of right-leaning libertarian ideas of how our government should work. Or not work, as the case may be.

These donations were news at the time, but never was the question posed: What are these guys doing messing around in Oregon politics? They don’t have any major holdings here. So what’s up? Continue reading