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Join Stand for L.O.ve in Lake Oswego on Saturday

One of our recent articles described a parade planned by a Lake Oswego Trump fanatic on Saturday, March 4th. We also mentioned that counter actions were being planned. Now the plans have been announced. Here’s a message from Lisa Ortiz of independents for Progressive Action (iPA).

“Join your friends and neighbors as well as area allies for a festival of LOve in downtown Lake Oswego! Let’s show the state and country that we are in solidarity with ALL human rights!

“Folks are meeting at Millennium Park at 11:00 am and then will make our stand along State Street/Hwy 43 before returning for a celebration in the park with information-sharing, music, speakers, face painting, and fun. Continue reading

From the Left Bank
Lake Oswego Mayor’s Power Move Stirring Criticism

By Peter Toll

Todd Prager

Todd Prager

Lake Oswego is known for its beauty, schools, and high income residents. These folks didn’t achieve their high income by quietly earning Brownie points or Cub Scout badges. Many got it through power.

It is the public exercise of power, ironically, which has Lake Oswego Mayor Kent Studebaker under public criticism and Clackamas County’s northwestern-most community stirred up.

Folks are upset that Mayor Studebaker boldly overrode his own advisory committee’s recommendation and did not reappoint Todd Prager to the city’s Planning Commission.

City councilors Jon Gustafson and Joe Buck went public with their criticism. Not only do they feel Prager was immensely well qualified, but they also think Studebaker was exercising raw power in a retaliatory move against Prager, who has filed suit against the city asking for public access to Lake Oswego waters. Continue reading

From the Left Bank
Wehby Learns About Opposition Research

By Peter Toll

Monica WehbyRunning for office has its hazards. One of them is being subjected to a thorough vetting by private investigators.

That was the case for John Ludlow in his race for County Commission Chair in 2012. A Vancouver PD report showed Ludlow trying to talk himself out of a speeding ticket by flashing fancy City of Wilsonville credentials. Didn’t work. Ludlow, recall, was funded heavily by Andrew Miller in that county-wide race.

Now we find Monica Wehby, Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, also turning up in a police report, this one from Portland PD about 13 months ago. Wehby was ending her romantic relationship with Miller. She went to his home and knocked on the front door. When no one answered, she went to the rear of the house and entered by the back door. Miller was home at the time and ignoring her. When she came in, he quietly skedaddled out another door and called the cops. Continue reading

Clackamas County Has Five of the Safest Cities in OR

Walking CrowdWhat are your criteria for choosing a place to live? Does it include good schools? Liberal attitude? Low taxes? Lots of jobs? Lovely natural beauty? How about a low crime rate?

If the latter is your priority, then welcome to Clackamas County, where a recent study shows that five of the 10 safest places to live in Oregon are located. West Linn, where less violent crime occurs per capita than any other place in the state, is the safest. Also on the list are Canby, Lake Oswego, Milwaukie and Wilsonville. Curiously, not in the top ten are any communities east of the mountains, on the coast, nor south of Corvallis.

Finally, for those with truly inquiring minds, we must mention that West Linn has only 30 other cities in the entire U.S. which are safer.

The bike trail that isn’t

White_rabbit_art_colorWhy build a bike trail then declare bikes aren’t permitted? Why pave a path eight feet wide from Lake Oswego to West Linn at a cost of more than $1 million and then limit it to pedestrians? Trail walking would’ve been just as good and cost a whole lot less money. The answer is to be found deep in the bowels of the Clackamas Country Transportation Department. Curiouser and curiouser, said the rabbit.