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County Commission Races Offer Serious Choices

By Peter Toll


Jim Bernard

ken portrait.small

Ken Humberston


Martha Schrader

Hardworking Clackamas County Democrats can share the credit for success in key local non-partisan primary election races as they gear up for the fall. Here’s a brief look at the results and some key campaign issues. Continue reading

Big Challenges in County Races

By Peter Toll



Leadership is on the line for Clackamas County as incumbent County Chair John Ludlow is under serious attack on three fronts, while two other county commissioners face their own election challenges.

Lackluster Ludlow, known more for bullying than any serious accomplishments in his more than three years in office, faces challenges by two mid-term colleagues on the commission. Jim Bernard and Paul Savas retain their seats if they lose this or the November election.

Also introducing himself into the anti-Ludlow candidates is the only non-commissioner, Oregon City Mayor Dan Holladay. He thinks all three of his opponents act like children and he’d be the adult who could step in and bring order out of the Ludlow-led chaos.

While this is officially a non-partisan race, Ludlow is a staunch Republican who was put into office in 2012 by the tea partiers under an anti-Metro, anti-Portland, anti-mass transit, and anti-tax banner. Ludlow has reflected their interest. He has alienated Metro to the point where Clackamas County is off the radar for Metro grants, usually helpful assistance on regional issues and cooperation. The county is at a low point in regional respect. Continue reading

It’s Time to Replace John Ludlow and Tootie Smith

By Craig Stephens

open for business

Open for Business

Voters have put up with the shenanigans and vindictive behavior of John Ludlow and Tootie Smith long enough. Maintaining and improving roads in Clackamas County need to be funded and implemented to support manufacturing, distribution, and farm transit. Timber money has all but disappeared, property tax cannot be used for road maintenance, and gas tax revenue is not enough to keep up with urgent repairs and safety improvements. The funding shortfall has been allowed to escalate to $17 million annually and is increasing each year. A leader is needed to take the best path for our pocketbooks and continue down it for immediate benefit and with a clear plan. Continue reading

Schrader-Lininger Education Town Hall in Lake Oswego

Commissioner Martha SchraderRep. Ann Lininger


Clackamas County Commissioner Martha Schrader and state Rep. Ann Lininger will jointly hold a town hall meeting focused on education on Thursday, Oct. 8, at the Lake Oswego City Hall.

This year, the Oregon Legislature made historic investments in the K-12 school and higher education system. All county residents are invited to come share their priorities about education and any other issue.

Lake Oswego City Hall is located at 380 A Ave. The two elected officials will appear at 6 pm.

For more information, members of the public may contact Clackamas County Public Information Officer Tim Heider at 503-742-5911 or theider@clackamas.us

VIDEO: Tootie Mouths Crude Insult during BCC Meeting

Clackamas County Commissioners are known for some strong words at each other. This goes from Chair John Ludlow’s serious challenge to fellow Commissioner Paul Savas, “Do you want a piece of me?” to Commissioner Tootie Smith’s latest verbal sally at the June 25 meeting, where she describes colleague Martha Schrader with a less than ladylike term. She looks away from Schrader and at Commissioner Jim Bernard while mouthing the word most crudely attributed to a body part where solid waste is excreted. Commissioner Bernard, ever the gentleman, chooses not to respond. We trust Ms. Schrader wasn’t aware. Clearly another moment of high statesmanship by our county commissioner and wannabe Member of Congress from Molalla. No doubt she makes her Republican minders proud.

Video: Martha Schrader Unmasks “No Bribes” Pledge

martha schrader

Martha Schrader

Clackamas County commissioners and one candidate are making one thing absolutely clear: No bribery here. No buying of votes by ambulance providers or anyone else. To explain: Here we have candidate Karen Bowerman, a just-elected Lake Oswego City Council member, urging commissioners to sign a “no bribes” pledge which she learned about, no doubt, from her friends John Ludlow and Tootie Smith, who magnanimously signed it.

Commissioner Martha Schrader, now a Lake Oswego resident, tells Bowerman that not only is such a pledge hollow, but Oregon’s system of transparent and timely campaign contributions and expenditures (C & E) filings puts every card on the table.

Continue reading