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Measure 101 — Thoughts of the Next Day

By Peter Nordbye, Chair of Clackamas County Democratic Party

On the day after the resounding victory of the passage of Ballot Measure 101, I reflect on some of the issues surrounding this victory.

First and foremost, Oregonians can take pride in stepping up and supporting our legislature’s efforts to ensure healthcare for those in most need. Because of this overwhelming vote in favor of Measure 101, over 400,000 Oregonians are protected, who would have been denied, the healthcare marketplace can be stabilized, and our legislature can focus on solving other problems facing our state. Continue reading

Voting “Yes” on Measure 101 Is Good for Your School District

An op-ed piece by Ginger Fitch, Chair, West Linn-Wilsonville School Board
and Chelsea Martin, Vice-Chair, West Linn-Wilsonville School Board. Reprinted by permission of the authors.

Voters, you need to know that the Oregon School Boards Association, Oregon Education Association, Confederation of Oregon School Administrators, American Federation of Teachers Oregon, Head Start, Oregon PTA and numerous other groups who care about education have all strongly endorsed a “yes” vote on Measure 101.

Why are educators and education advocates for a “yes” on Measure 101? It’s because anyone who works with children knows that our students learn best when they are healthy and have healthcare. Continue reading

Parrish Channels Her Inner Trump, Seeks to Manipulate the Voters’ Pamphlet on Measure 101

Oregonians are proud of their state — from public beaches to the bottle bill, from first-in-the-nation land use planning to vote by mail. In our culture here, what passes for sacred has more to do with protecting the public or keeping it weird as it does anything. One of the iconic events that’s part of every Oregonian’s civic duty is to read their Voters’ Pamphlet.

At a time when social media is manipulated by foreign powers, racists occupy the White House, and major news organizations are owned by Fortune 500 companies who allow lies to go unchecked, an unbiased source for real facts is needed now more than ever. Continue reading

The Oregonian Got It Wrong on Measure 101

By Charles Gallia, State Senate candidate, SD 20

When the Oregonian made a “tough call” to oppose Measure 101 (12/16/2017), they were indifferent to the harm and chaos taking such a stand could create.

The objections they raised to it are minor and could be responsibly dealt with in a regular legislative session. They fail to appreciate that the legislature did its job. They advocate a broad tax increase for everyone out of general funds. That’s revenue that did not exist in the earlier session, does not exist now, and won’t magically appear in the next 30 days. Continue reading