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Clackamas Democrats’ Slate Cards for November 8th General Election

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Clackamas Democrats are pleased to publish our slate cards for the November 8th election.





There are ten different cards, one for each House District with significant areas in the county.

Some of the candidates and measures are different on each card.

Please locate the House District for where you live, download the appropriate card, and share it with your friends and neighbors.


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Each card lists Measure 97, and other local measures we support.  Our full list of endorsed and locally-supported measures is available here.



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Meanwhile Neighborhood Leaders all over the county are distributing cardstock versions of these cards to many Democrats.  Why not join them?




Clackamas Dems Reaffirm Measure 97 Support

yes on 97 logoAt our September Central Committee meeting, Clackamas Democrats unanimously affirmed its endorsement of Measure 97. If passed, this measure would increase taxes on corporations whose Oregon sales exceed $25 million. The increased revenue will benefit education, healthcare, and senior services.

We also voted to endorse the following statewide measures:

Measure 94 – Amends Constitution: Eliminates mandatory retirement age for state judges
Measure 95 – Amends Constitution: Allows investment in equities by public universities to reduce financial risk
Measure 97 – Increases corporate minimum tax when sales exceed $25 million; funds education, healthcare, senior services.
Measure 100 – Prohibits purchase or sales of parts or products from certain wildlife species; exceptions; civil penalties.

And these local measures are also supported by Clackamas Democrats (not all measures will be on your ballot since most are for specific districts or cities):

Measure 26-178 – Metro, Renews Local Option Levy; Protects Natural Areas, Water Quality, Fish
Measure 3-487 – North Clackamas SD #12, Bonds to Improve Schools
Measure 3-497 – City of Oregon City, Oregon City Community Safety Facility General Obligation Bond Authorization
Measure 3-498 – City of Oregon City, Changes Status of Wesley Lynn Park; Allows Easement
Measure 3-502 – Renewal of Current County Sheriff Public Safety Local Option Levy
Measure 3-509 – Clackamas County, Temporary 6-Cent Per Gallon Vehicle Fuel Tax
Measure 3-510 – Clackamas County, Ordinance Imposing 3% County Tax on Retail Sales of Marijuana

We recommend rejection of one local measure:

NO on 3-514 – Oregon City charter to limit urban renewal

Please remember to vote all the way down the ballot, including the measures we have not endorsed here. Don’t leave them blank, or the opposition will be making your decisions for you.