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Key Role for Voters in May Primary

This year’s May 15 primary is shaping up to be very interesting in Clackamas County. Looking at some key races where voters will decide the standard bearer:

House District 18 has eight precincts in southern Clackamas County and a spanking new Republican appointee in the seat. Rick Lewis, former Silverton police chief and later mayor, is challenged by Democrats Doug Culver and Barry Shapiro, both of Silverton. Lewis is seen as lackluster. Possible upset.

HD26 has four precincts in Wilsonville, and that’s where Democrat Ryan Spiker lives. Incumbent Republican Richard Vial, a first-termer, has a GOP primary challenger, too, in the district that stretches north to King City and west to Hillsboro. Registration changes have made 26 a Democratic district now, but Spiker has work to do. Continue reading

Invitation to a Lynn Peterson Campaign Event

Chair Jim Bernard, Jackie Dingfelder, Commissioner Sonya Fischer, Mayor Mark Gamba, Juan Carlos Gonzalez, Judie Hammerstad, Dwayne Johnson, Promise King, Representative Sheri Malstrom, Amber Ontiveros, Councilor Wilda Parks, Maurice Rahming, Governor Barbara Roberts, Vivian Satterfield, Commissioner Dick Schouten, Alando Simpson, and Anita Yap

invite you to a campaign event for


Reprinted by permission from County Commissioner Ken Humberston

Ken Humberston

Last year Clackamas county did not receive any grant money from Metro because of the “strained” relationship. This year we were able to resolve the Stafford “impasse” with Metro and the 3 cities that surround Stafford. Now this:

County awarded planning and housing grants from Metro

On Oct. 26, the Metro Council approved two grant applications that Clackamas County submitted earlier this year for Metro 2040 Community Planning and Development Funds. Continue reading

Around the County: Candidates — Devlin Out, Collette Out, Johnson Out; Who’s In?

By Peter Toll

With about one year until the next general election and just seven months to the primary, candidates are facing new challenges as at least three incumbents in Clackamas County have announced their pending resignations from office.

Topping the list is State Senator Richard Devlin, co-chair of the Legislature’s powerful Joint Ways & Means Committee. The Democrat from Tualatin serving Lake Oswego and West Linn is being appointed to the Northwest Power Planning and Conservation Council by Gov. Kate Brown. His letter of resignation will follow Senate confirmation Nov. 15. Continue reading

From the Chair

Rosie Stephens

Rosie Stephens

The Secret to Saner Elections? Stronger State Parties.

That was the headline in a recent L.A. times Op-Ed. by the chair of the California Republican Party! I couldn’t agree more. The writer — a Brookings Institution senior fellow — made another point worth noting: rumors of state parties’ death are greatly exaggerated. That is certainly true in Oregon because strong state and county parties are what kept Oregon blue in 2014. And compared to the GOP, who I often refer to as the “Grumpy Old Party,” we need you to stay connected to us and help us win in the 2016 election. Continue reading