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Wehby Appears Locally Before Another Big Bomb Drops

Wehby.croppedMonica Wehby was actually campaigning in Clackamas County recently. Big Republican Terry Emmert, the house mover, hosted an event at one of his office buildings in Oregon City. Her first public appearance here was before a wholly favorable crowd; it was neither advertised nor publicized in advance. Why? She just keeps screwing up.

The latest episode involves plagiarizing from health plan language provided by Karl Rove and others. For the full look, we bring you a Salon piece, which describes the latest in a terribly long list of problems. She has turned from being the darling of Republican Senate hopefuls to goat. They can’t get out of Oregon fast enough.

Video: Richardson’s Views Draw Breathtaking Responses

Dennis Richardson, the wacky character from southern Oregon who wants to be governor, brings a truly otherworld reality to the race. The stuff he puts on the public record is breathtaking in its bizarre way. Indeed, Richardson’s public appearances are often not advertised.

Ditto GOP Senate candidate Monica Wehby. Each presents themselves so badly that their handlers are actually hoping for a small turnout — without the press, of course — lest they embarrass themselves afresh.

How they will fare in upcoming debates and the response they draw are probably embodied in this Youtube piece. Clackamas County reference? Even though Wehby lives in the county, neither she nor Richardson have been seen campaigning or speaking in the county of late.

Koch Bros Yank $1 Million from Anti-Merkley TV Ads

koch bros.artsy.jared rodriguez.truthoutWhat happens when the TV advertising you’re buying is driving your candidate’s numbers in the wrong direction? Ask the Koch brothers.

We’ll be seeing less of those obnoxious and untruthful anti-Jeff Merkley ads in Clackamas County and elsewhere as the Koch brothers-sponsored political action committee is pulling the plug. There was about $1 million left on the table with the pullout, according to the article in Eugene’s Register-Guard. A refund check is probably in the mail.

When the ads began about three weeks ago, Merkley was leading by about 10 points. Latest polls show Merkley now up by 13 percent, a nice gain in the face of the massive media buy. Not only were the pro-Monica Wehby ads ineffective, but trying to generate appeal for Dr. Wehby just doesn’t seem to be working.

Let’s hope the Billionaire Bros keep their noses out of Oregon politics now that they’ve failed.

For Wehby, Brightness to Darkness Very, Very Quickly

Just when Monica Wehby thought her fortunes were brightening with $3.5 million coming in via ugly television ads paid for by the Koch Brothers, fresh Wehby Bad News surfaces. Seems she picked a convicted wife beater to head her volunteer small business committee. Oops. Given her own proclivities toward domestic craziness, one could rudely figure moderate surprise on her part. What ever, he’s gone now.

Just another bad Wehby decision. Any other convicted felons ready to volunteer for her? Just call her office, since the Koch ads are inviting people to call Jeff Merkley’s office to complain about his votes.

First You Say You Do and Then You Don’t

woman hiding behind question mark“Then you say you will, and then you won’t. You’re undecided now. So what are you gonna do?” If you recognize those words, you’re certifiably old; they come from a dandy old Ella Fitzgerald tune, “Undecided.”

However, today they refer to Monica Wehby’s problem with where she stands on the Affordable Care Act, known as Obamacare. Again, a national website, Daily Kos, brings Wehby’s foibles to our attention. Fact: Wehby’s wishy-washy positioning in her race against Oregon Democratic Senator Jeff Merkley. (You’ll not see this in The Oregonian, which proudly endorsed her in the primary.)

Unfortunately for pediatric neurosurgeon Wehby, Obamacare is supposed to be her forte, her reason for running, her area of expertise. Not quite. Maybe she should try singing instead.

Losers Join Wehby, Richardson Staffs

mad hatters tea party.small

‘I want a clean cup,’ interrupted the Hatter: ‘let’s all move one place on.’

Hey, said the two key Republican players running for state-wide office in Oregon, let’s change our campaign leadership and add some proven losers to our teams! So that’s exactly what they did. Wehby’s campaign manager, who has watched her systematically drive her U.S. Senate race into the ground, is moving over to gubernatorial candidate Dennis Richardson’s campaign.

Turns out the replacement to head Wehby’s race is a gent from Iowa whose candidate finished fourth of five in a U.S. Senate primary this year. And joining Richardson’s staff as field director is another loser, young Jason Conger, son of the State Rep Wehby beat in the Oregon primary. He ran his dad’s futile effort. GOP state-wide candidates seems to have trouble attracting serious talent to help them win, as illustrated by their dismal record. Continue reading