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GOP to Merkley: ‘Fess Up to Wehby Unveiling;
Merkley Response: Get Back to the Issues

Sen. Merkley at His DeskPolitical infighting, as we all know, is based on cunning, speed, and putting your opponent in a position that they cannot defend. Witness the Republican National Committee and its mouthpiece, the Wall Street Journal, in the latest response to news that Monica Wehby, GOP Senate candidate, is a harasser, a stalker, and a physical abuser.

Republican honchos are demanding her opponent, incumbent Democrat Jeff Merkley, fire the campaign staffer responsible for those nasty leaks. As if that is the case. How should Merkley react to this so-called demand? If he doesn’t do anything, he is ipso facto guilty of being responsible for the damaging news. If he fires somebody then, yes, he is guilty again. Continue reading

Surgeon and GOP Candidate Wehby Endorses Torture

D. Monica "Pro Torture" Wehby

On May 16th, during a debate with Jason Conger in the Republican primary race against Senator Jeff Merkley, Dr. Monica Wehby declared that she was a Yes for using waterboarding torture. A pediatric surgeon in favor of torture — this just boggles the mind. Medieval images come rushing in …. especially since the UN has outlawed the use of torture around the world. Perhaps she sees Oregon as somehow exempt?

Thank God for Jeff Merkley.

From the Left Bank
Wehby Learns About Opposition Research

By Peter Toll

Monica WehbyRunning for office has its hazards. One of them is being subjected to a thorough vetting by private investigators.

That was the case for John Ludlow in his race for County Commission Chair in 2012. A Vancouver PD report showed Ludlow trying to talk himself out of a speeding ticket by flashing fancy City of Wilsonville credentials. Didn’t work. Ludlow, recall, was funded heavily by Andrew Miller in that county-wide race.

Now we find Monica Wehby, Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, also turning up in a police report, this one from Portland PD about 13 months ago. Wehby was ending her romantic relationship with Miller. She went to his home and knocked on the front door. When no one answered, she went to the rear of the house and entered by the back door. Miller was home at the time and ignoring her. When she came in, he quietly skedaddled out another door and called the cops. Continue reading

‘Mother Jones’ Magazine Muses on Wehby Backers

Happy Woman Holding An Umbrella In A Money RainElsewhere on this website today, you’ll find a solid discussion of our County Commission candidates by a Portland-based progressive group. Now a national magazine is weighing in.

Mother Jones is a progressive publication based in Washington, D.C. It is not concerned with the challenges Jim Bernard and Paul Savas face, rather the curious deep pockets supporting Monica Wehby’s primary campaign against Jason Conger, a conservative legislator from Bend. Wehby, who lives in Lake Oswego and practices at a Portland hospital, has been found lacking on-the-ground and interview political smarts of a credible candidate. Conger is just the opposite. He’s savvy. Except he doesn’t have the money Wehby is drawing from some of the same old-same old gang we’ve come to know and dislike.

The concern is that if these big money types succeed in helping Wehby win the primary, they’ll be ready to round up some colossal donations to take out Democrat Jeff Merkley in November. Unless Merkley can find some big Democratic money.

Always nice to see how others see us and gain a new perspective, especially when some of these characters are actually willing to talk.

Monica Wehby Following Dick Groener’s Advice On Debates

wehby tea partyForty-some years ago, Clackamas County had one of the most powerful Oregon legislators in State Senator Richard Groener of Milwaukie. He advised first-time candidates: “If you have the lead, don’t debate your opponent, much less your challenger.”

No doubt Republican Monica Wehby, also of Clackamas County, heard the same message. She has turned down one of the state’s biggest television stations when asked to debate her opponent, Rep. Jason Conger, of Bend, on camera. No, she told KGW, we’ve already had several debates.

Sure, if you count head-to-heads at the K Falls chamber of commerce or the limited (and non-videotaped) face-to face at the Dorchester Conference and “debates” like that. Not the same, Monica.

Could her real reason be because she thinks she’s sitting on a good lead and doesn’t want to blow it? Much more likely.

Want to learn more about Dr. Wehby and why she knows Conger would eat her lunch in a debate? Check out the videotape of her and some of her primary opponents, including Conger. It’s an hour and 41 minutes long, but her performance is worth it.

She may be a good doc, but she is wholly unprepared for life in the U.S. Senate. No wonder she doesn’t want to debate.

Monica Wehby, of Lake Oswego, Gaining National Attention

Monica Wehby doesn't support Obamacare

Monica Wehby doesn’t support Obamacare

Your Clackamas Democrats website usually focuses on political/governmental information pertinent only to Clackamas County residents. No other website does that. Therefore, other than news supportive of incumbent Senator Jeff Merkley, we’ve not explored his Republican opponents. However, today we learn that Merkley’s opponent lives in Lake Oswego, described as a “well-to-do” community by the author; therefore she qualifies for rare coverage here. We’ll try not to focus on the Republicans in Merkley’s race; there other sources for all that. But we’re breaking our policy slightly here by including this report on Ms. Wehby. Not only is she a Clackamas County resident, but her race is drawing nation-wide attention, not to mention support from all the Obamacare-hating doctors across the country who are writing some very big checks. Indeed, most of her campaign treasury consists of out-of-state money, with the notable exception of her reported partner, Andrew Miller.  Reading closely, it appears the AP article may not have been written locally.