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Intraparty Differences over Clean Air Funding

By William Street

There is a deep historic division in Oregon Democratic circles most commonly referred to as “Jobs versus Environment.” This split crosses industrial lines: workers in extractive industries, such as forestry, are often pitted against workers in less polluting industries. It crosses rural/urban lines since many workers in extractive industries live in rural portions of Oregon.

This historic division appeared again last week when House Democrats refused to fund the governor’s Cleaner Air Oregon initiative. The sum: $1 million to be paid by polluters. Continue reading

Oregon Senate and House Democrats Legislative Agendas

Oregon Senate Majority Leader Diane Rosenbaum

Oregon Senate Majority Leader Diane Rosenbaum

“Well,” said the new legislator serving Clackamas County at the beginning of her first session, “now that we’re here, what will we do?” It can be a bit whelming.

However, the Oregon Senate and House Democrats, firmly in control, are specific in their interests.

In the Senate, with an 18-12 count in their favor, Democrats put young people and students first. So do the House Democrats with a majority of 35-25.

While the answers aren’t spelled out in numbered legislation, the overall guidelines look immensely worthwhile. And lots of legislation has been filed.

Senate Democrats:

House Democrats: