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Capital Chatter: Will the GOP walkout?

16 January 2020 | Written by Dick Hughes/ For Oregon Capital Insider

All options remain on the table for Senate Republicans as the 2020 legislative session approaches.

The plot thickened this week in the Oregon Capitol.

Senate Minority Leader Herman Baertschiger Jr., R-Grants Pass, confirmed what has been on everyone’s minds: All options remain on the table for Senate Republicans as the 2020 legislative session approaches. That includes walking out to deny Democrats a quorum for passing the carbon cap and trade bill.

Read Hughes’s full analysis of what to expect during the legislative session that begins February 3.

From the Left Bank
County’s Democratic State Senators Score High on Voters’ Priorities

By Peter Toll

State Senate Chamber

State Senate Chamber

Oregonians have made it clear state-wide that they live here or moved here because of our natural beauty, which is enhanced by equally clean air and water, some of the best in the U.S.

People say they are willing, in the same independent Oregon Values survey, to spend money to enhance those qualities that are hallmarks in their way of life. But that’s not all.

Oregonians are equally concerned about the quality of public education we are providing our children. They don’t like it, and they’re willing to pay more to improve it.

So how does that manifest with our Clackamas County legislators? We’ll look at the senators in this report and the House members in subsequent write-ups. Continue reading

Aspirations More Modest for This Robert (the) Bruce

robert bruceWhen your name is as famous as Robert Bruce, and you’re running for the legislature in SD26 (Clackamas, Multnomah and Hood River counties), how is it very few people have ever heard of you?

Our Robert Bruce, a Sandy small businessman, has no aspirations to be King of Scotland such as the earlier Robert the Bruce achieved after defeating the English at the famous Battle of Bannockburn in 1314.

No, our Robert Bruce will settle for Rob, thank you very much. Make that State Senator Rob Bruce. Continue reading

Oregon Live’s Oregon legislature election predictions

OregonLive Map of HDs

This interactive page on OregonLive allows you to zoom and pan around and review the candidates, registration and predictions from the Oregonian’s political staff.

We may debate the predictions coming out of the slimline newspaper, but the raw data and presentation is very useful.

It shows the vulnerable races – a few examples are HD37 (West Linn), incumbent Republican Julie Parrish yet with a Democratic registration edge it may swing to Democrat Gerritt Rosenthal.   Across the Willamette, HD40 (Oregon City) has incumbent Democrat Brent Barton and Republican Steve Newgard in a tossup, despite also having a Democratic edge.

At the top of the page, you can switch to the Senate districts.


From the Left Bank

by Peter Toll

richard devlin

Sen. Richard Devlin

julie parrish

Rep. Julie Parrish

You know a politician is starting to feel frisky when the idea of advancing in the political arena starts to be floated about. The latest on the Clackamas County front — and the most nonsensical — is the thought of State Rep. Julie Parrish, a two-termer representing West Linn and Tualatin, taking on veteran State Senator Richard Devlin, of Tualatin. The differences in these two legislators are massive. Continue reading

PERS in the news

PensionsThe Independent Party of Oregon released the results of a member poll recently, and it shows that registered independents largely favor raising taxes on the wealthy and corporations but also support curbing the cost of the Public Employees Retirement System.

Meanwhile, Senate vote on the PERS bill SB 822 now won’t happen until Thursday. The bill had been on Wednesday’s agenda but was postponed. There’s still a lot of controversy about the bill, and Republicans have much harsher plans in mind that would likely only end up being thrown out on appeal. Read and listen to some of the debate on OPB.