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What’s Scaring the Conservatives?

frightened elephantClackamas Democrats who successfully worked on and won nine of nine non-partisan races in everything from school boards to water boards across the county in May had some unexpected help if this article from PoliticusUSA applies locally. Polls across the country are showing that Democratic views — such as “tax the rich” — are drawing more than 60 percent support across the board, not just with Democrats. Respondents also believe the GOP is responsible for the “do-nothing Congress,” this even before Speaker John Boehner said on a Sunday talking head TV show that he sees the proper role of Congress as repealing laws not passing them. That’s how he defines legislative progress. But a conservative writer has come to realize that, yes, it is the so-called liberal view which is gaining more and more traction from Boring, Oregon, to Portland, Maine. And, yes, Republicans are more and more in disarray.